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Observations of public and general interest, on a draft version of a contracted executive plan presented by private individuals on Falchetto road funds, may be submitted to the Bra Council between the 21 August and the next September 4.
This is what announces a jointly signed statement by Mayor Camillo Scimone and the manager of the City Planning Department, the architect Benvenuta Reinero, to inform citizens about the possibility of viewing the relevant acts up to August 20.

Strongly awaited for "Cheese - Milk Forms", the fifth edition of the event aimed at Slow Food's sensitivity to the dairy industry, which will take place in Bra from 16 at 19 September 2005, focusing on the issues of food awareness and of quality dairy production. As with every edition, the media interest in the event is intense: the avant-garde of the television crew who will invade peacefully our city has already made a visit to the Civic Palace in the afternoon of yesterday, 2 August 2005, to interview Gianni Comoglio, mayor of Bra.

This is a specific ordinance of the Municipal Administrative Department that sets for Bra's brand new areas today, Monday 1 August 2005, the new modes of conferring and collecting municipal solid waste, differentiated and undifferentiated.
With this measure, new provisions regarding paper and board, packaging and plastic boxes, wooden boxes, organic waste and residual urban waste are laid down, in particular, the order prohibits the placing of these materials in bags and / or boxes destined for undifferentiated waste to be disposed of in landfills.

Leave the paid parking spaces of Bra's center. From 3 to 24 August 2005 will be deactivated by city center billets and therefore those who want to park in the areas marked by blue stripes in the city of Zizzola will do so without having to shell out anything.

From the plain almost without borders of Pampa to the green hills of Roero. On the evening of 28, 2005 July XNUMX, Norma Estela Niero and Carlo Bessone of Corral de Bustos (AR) landed in Turin Caselle, who were invited to Piedmont by relatives and braids from the Gotta nucleus numerous in the city of origin of these Italo-Argentine guests, residents of the province of Cordoba.
This morning, Friday 29 July 2005, the Bessone gentlemen were officially received by some members of the executive of the town of Zizzola and by the general manager Fabrizio Proietti, in an atmosphere of cordiality and sympathy.