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It opens up to the needs of the new braids the offer of the library of the Bra's civic library. The School of Peace, as part of a long-standing commitment to multicultural hospitality, has decided to subscribe to four foreign-language newspapers in order to enable residents of Bra to provide direct and effective information, consultation is possible at the reading room on the first floor of the Guala Library.

In the past few weeks, a nice encounter with the Brain's Asylum nursery among the children who attend the last year (division section) and their grandparents. With the grandchildren a snack was organized and the kids visited their grandparents where they usually play, eat and make their way into the street of Caduti del Lavoro. Before leaving the nest, grandparents and grandchildren painted their hands with tempera, leaving their imprint on a large sheet with the inscription "Dear Grandparents, I leave the imprints of my hands beside yours, always in action and ready to give me protection. "

Sitting the river yesterday, Tuesday 24 May 2005, of the City Council of Bra. Apertures in the early afternoon, the session lasted over seven hours, during which were approved some important decisions on urban planning of the corner between Via Alba and Via Adua, as well as to discuss the rescue operation in progress for the airport by Cuneo Levaldigi. At the opening of the work, Mayor Scimone has been doing the public life events of the past two months, wishing a good job for the new Regional Advisor to the Mountain and Public Works, Bruna Sibille, who is present in the classroom as a councilor of the town of Zizzola .
The same Bruna Sibille wanted to anticipate how "reluctantly, in the coming months, I will abandon the municipal council (to succeed them will be the first of the unelected in the list Ds, Domenico Grillo, ndr) for incompatibility of time type. The job I have taken in Turin is in fact very expensive but will not fail to be present in the city at significant moments, so I will not miss my cooperation for issues that go beyond the logic of belonging "- said the councilor Sibille. He added: "There are two things that I particularly care about and that will involve the Region alongside local authorities: the realization of the new Verduno hospital and the realization of the Asti-Cuneo, for which I have proposed the establishment of a monitoring committee to verify the timing of implementation. Other themes we will have to see together will be those related to the elimination of the level change, with the Region being able to provide support: President Bresso has already examined the project "- Sibille concluded, before leaving for Turin to return session of the Regional Council being held at Palazzo Lascaris.
In his communications, the first citizen Camillo Scimone then gave news of the people nominated to represent the municipal administration in different bodies and bodies. Adriano Maccagno and Roberta Rizzo will represent the municipality in the board of directors of San Michele-Pocapaglia consortium (aqueduct management), Stevan and Palladino in the organizing committee of Bra-Bra (great cycling fund), Paolo Bulgarini, Marisa Quaglia and Marco Bossolasco at the Gandino Institute (Musical School), while Anna Messa (Forza Italia, Delegate Adviser for Social Assistance) will be part of the consortium for the family of the Intesa Social Care Consortium.

Again this year, in Bra, the International Choral Choir Festival promoted by the "Milanollo" Choral Association of Savigliano. The initiative, coming to its nineteenth edition, will take place under the Zizzola on Friday 3 June 2005 at 21 in the hall of the Politeama Theater in Piazza Carlo Alberto.

It will also include Bra, with an exceptional evening on Wednesday, June 1st, 2005 at the Teatro Politeama, the Italy & Usa Alba music festival, the show which came to its second edition, conceived and directed by Giuseppe Nova and the Americans Jeff Silberschlag and Larry Vote. The initiative, born from the meeting between the Langhe Capital and Maryland's Maryland College, provides eighteen public and free concerts in the most prestigious places in Langhe and Roero, seminars, jazz workshop, open and meet with eighty students, musicians and US guests, artists from over ten countries around the world.