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Million registered users. All the city squares covered by a wireless internet signal, which can be accessed for free. Now the project will also have a special association, which will take care of its development and management. The city council of Bra gave last night Tuesday 17 February 2009, the free way with a unanimous vote on the establishment of the Brain - Bra internet association, the nonprofit body that will manage the wireless city network. Founding members of the association will be the municipal administration, the merchants association and the consortium for the natural commercial center "La Zizzola".

It was the urban planning themes that characterized the meeting of the city council of Bra, which met yesterday 17 February 2009 on Tuesday. The city's largest assembly approved the preliminary technical document defining the contents of the environmental report that will accompany the new city plan, as defined in its preliminary draft.

Just over four hours, the City Council session was held, called by its chairman Gian Massimo Vuerich for the late afternoon of yesterday, Tuesday 17 February 2009. The mayor Camillo Scimone opened the door, witnessing the proximity of the civic administration to the family involved in a dramatic robbery in the villa that had happened in the past few days in Bandito hamlet, as well as remembering the need for constant co-operation between citizens and institutions to ensure security.

The mayor of the City of Bra, Gianni Comoglio, asked the first citizen Camillo Scimone to become a promoter at the Prefecture of Cuneo for an urgent call from the provincial committee for public order and security. "The strong concern that I find in the city community after the dramatic robbery that happened in the past few days in Bandito, I think, requires a firm and immediate response from the institutions," said Deputy Mayor Comoglio. "Along with the highest provincial councils in charge of maintaining order and public safety and friend Senator Michelino Davico, Under Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, I think it appropriate to take stock of how to fall in practice in reality braidese important measures provided security package approved in recent months by the Berlusconi government . These days I have been close to Montà family, the victim of a criminal act that military Carabinieri have called one of the most violent among those happened in recent years in our province. " (Rg)
A training course for "freshwater travel" teachers, with a first lesson of excitement, held by climatologist and meteorologist Luca Mercalli. This is the initiative promoted by the Regional Laboratory for Bra and Alba's environmental education in collaboration with the Erica Cooperative, the Piedmont Regional Councilor and the Municipality of Bra, under the project for schools entitled "Journey in fresh water". The first event is scheduled for Thursday 26 February 2009 when, at the 16 30 XNUMX: XNUMX, the auditorium of Bra's Savings Bank, Luca Mercalli of the Italian Meteorological Society will hold the first meeting titled "From Heaven to Earth: meteorological point of view ". The meeting is open to the public with free entrance.