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The new inclusive play area created in the gardens of Piazza Roma by the Municipality of Bra thanks to the contribution of the company “Baratti & Milano” was inaugurated this morning, Monday 16 September 2019, in the presence of numerous students of the city schools. On this occasion, the “Dado della pace” was also discovered, a colorful installation created as part of the international project “Living Peace”. In addition to the schools, the Mayor Gianni Fogliato, representatives of the municipal administration and city realities, the managing director of Baratti & Milano Guido Repetto, the international coordinator of the “Living Peace” project Carlos Palma were present.

 The new inclusive and sensory park includes games suitable for the use of all children up to 5 years, with a double swing, a multipurpose castle-carousel, a fun flowery intercom and other fun pastimes, even under the bus stop shelter. Anti-shock flooring has been inserted throughout the area, new benches have been placed, the lighting system has been redone and the irrigation system has been modified.

 The “Dado della pace”, the work of master Antonio Gotta and Marco Bergesio, features drawings by Walter Kostne and phrases proposed by Chiara Lubich, inspirer of the international project “Living Peace”. The Dado is an instrument of education to peace, to sociability, to listening, to sharing, to overcoming the prejudices and fears of the other. It has already been used as an operational tool during the last school year by teachers from the schools of Bra, who participated in the “Living Peace” training course, organized by the School of Peace. (em)

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Bra will be the protagonist of the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, an event that aims to promote the use of more sustainable means of transport than the private car for daily travel. The Città della Zizzola is in fact one of the 53 Italian municipalities that will take part in the event promoted by the European Commission, which this year will take place from 16 to 22 September. The appointment is part of the dense program of initiatives launched some time ago by the Braidese administration to raise awareness among citizens about the opportunity to use healthier forms of travel.

From 20 to 23 September 2019, in conjunction with the twelfth edition of "Cheese - Natural is possible", some logistical and organizational changes will affect the city center of Bra.

Scheduled from 20 to 23 September 2019 in Bra, the international event "Cheese - Natural is possible" will also be a pleasant opportunity to enjoy the city's cultural heritage and celebrate an important anniversary together: the first 100 years of the historical-artistic museum Braidese, inaugurated by Euclide Milano on 20 September 1919 in the premises of the Craveri Museum.

During the last edition of “Cheese” separate collection reached record results, with over 91% of differentiated (and therefore recyclable) waste collected out of the total 65 tons produced during the event. A significant milestone achieved thanks to the "Presidium of waste", a project that, again this year, will contribute to making the great event scheduled from 20 to 23 September 2019 more and more sustainable. There will be 31 eco-islands distributed throughout the area affected by the event, at the service of visitors for the four days of “Cheese”.