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Video of the 7 Town Council of Bra November 2011, for the second time since launching the initiative in April 2010, broke the share of thousands of users on the official website of the municipal administration website ( or on that of Maria TV, the web tv that takes care of the shooting and the airing of the service.

Fifty years of braid history traced through a totally unique vision, that of hockey experience. Friday 25 November 2011, from 20: 30 to Bra's Savings Bank Auditorium, via Principi di Piemonte, Bravo Giuseppe Palmieri's Hockey Club President and Bruna Sibille Mayor, along with sports and sports veterans, will go the fifty years of hockey history on meadow in the city, with anecdotes, memories, memories and rewards.

Last days in Bra and all over Italy to return the questionnaires of the fifteenth general census of the population and homes. In Bra City Hall, the questionnaires will be accepted by the municipal collection center until Monday 21 November 2011, due to the deadline for compilation set on Sunday's 20 festival day. In the next few days the center will also have a different time, with extraordinary openings that expands the module collection times.

Received from the municipal council of Bra the two braidis companies recently included in the regional list of artisan excellence. During the meeting yesterday, Tuesday 16 November 2011, representatives of the junta Sibille had the opportunity to meet in the town hall and compliment the Paschal Titillum plasterer and the owners of the confectionery "Zucchero e fantasia". (Rg)


Participating in Bra's meeting of the Committee for the Valorization and Safeguarding of the Santo Spirito Hospital. Within the council's council, Caesar Ferro, representing the representatives of the economic, political and social forces of the city, met in the open-minded hospital staff on some news that had been particularly alarmed at the future of hospital attendance.