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Intense, like every week, control services on road traffic by the Bra Communal Police Command to prevent and repress the most serious violations of the road code. In the last few days, four car surprises have been seized in circulation without insurance. Among them, a Volkswagen Golf was kidnapped by MR, a 50-year-old resident in Milan during a check in the Oltreferrovia, a zone where two Ford Fiesta were also seized, one of which ran with insurance expired for more than six months: DM, braid, the heavy verbal draft was drafted and seals on the car were applied.

In December 2011 returns to Bra the "Safe December" operation, which will see intensification of territorial services carried out by the local police brigade. On festive days preceding Christmas and New Year's Day, patrols will be increased in outside service both by car and on foot. In these days there will be a patrol for each turn, one for each turn that will take care of the fractions and suburbs, while in the most influential moments there will be two walking patrols composed of two agents each, who will perform capillary controls and proximity of the city center to increase both the real and the perceived security level.

It will be presented to Bra Friday 2 December 2011 at 17 30: XNUMX, in the spaces of "Garibaldi culture" inside the local homonym Garibaldi, the book "Le Madòne a rabél" by Elio Stona, a story about the images of the route carried out by the reporter in his testimony of works of popular devotion on the façades of Granda palaces and farms. The book plays from the title with the double meaning of the term "a rabél" in a dialect of Piedmont: its translation can be understood both as "the Madonna in ruin" but also as "the Madonna sparse".

Received in the town hall of Bra, the group of volunteers who, in case of heavy snowfall, will be called to intervene in some of the city's neural areas. The Mayor of Bra Bruna Sibille and the Public Works Councilor Luciano Messa underlined the importance of a civic gesture that allows to ease the burden of those involved in the various services in the city, providing concrete help in the event of significant precipitation . For this reason, the members of the municipal administration and the volunteer group have hoped for further membership, with the availability that can be communicated to the municipal public works division at 0172.438346.

Further step forward for the new Bra Regulator Plan. He will do it on Monday 28 November 2011 from 18, when the highest civic assembly will meet in the civic palace to discuss also budgeting 2011, the last possible variation to municipal budgets for the current year. The session, which will be chaired by Fabio Bailo, will be fully broadcast live on the municipal website, at, and from the next day it will be replayed in deferred seamlessly.