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Bra-filled room for a timely news item. Only seats in the council hall of the town hall of the city of Zizzola for the convention titled "Become an entrepreneur in times of crisis", organized by the municipal administration and the employment center Alba-Bra of the Province of Cuneo, yesterday first Thursday December 2011. The job was the Mayor Bruna Sibille, who recalled the importance of creating connections between companies in order to be able to make a system at global and local levels, and the provincial councilor at work Pietro Blengini, who recalled the positive budget of provincial business creation branches, with almost ten percent of entrepreneurial ideas that were then realized in new economic activities.

At the end of the first phase of the fifteenth general census of the population and of the dwellings, the work of surveyors carrying out the census of the buildings and of the unoccupied dwellings was also started in Bra. The task of the detectives at this stage is also the home delivery of the questionnaires to those who have not received the form via mail from Istat, as well as the withdrawal of the modules at the homes of families who have not yet provided their delivery to municipal offices, postal offices or online compilation.

They close in the afternoon of Tuesday 13 December 2011, the municipal services of Bra. For an organizational meeting involving all the staff of the civic building, only the nursing services of street workers' nursery services and the normal activities of the operational center and patrolling of the municipal police body will be provided. Closed, however, all municipal offices, as well as demographic services, civic library, museums and the tourist information and reception point of Caduti Square for freedom. (Rg)

Antonio Caprarica, the corresponding historian Rai from London and former Radiouno and Rai radio journalist, will be at Bra on Saturday 10 December 2011, from 18 in the historic Mathis Palace, to present his latest book titled "The Class Is Not Water ". In a meeting organized in collaboration between the city administration of the town of Zizzola and the Tourist Board Alba Bra Langhe and Roero, the well-known journalist will talk with Mayor Bruna Sibille and the Councilor for Culture Biagio Conterno during an appointment moderated by Luciano Scarzello.

Music by Antonio Vivaldi, Tommaso Albinoni and Domenico Cimarosa for the gran soirée music band of Politeama Boglione of Bra, scheduled for Sunday 4 December 2011, when at the theater will resound the notes of the Gala Concert "Omaggio al Barocco". To vibrate the air with the best scores of the eighteenth century Italian Chamber Orchestra "A. Vivaldi "and two young talents of classical music.