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Music by Antonio Vivaldi, Tommaso Albinoni and Domenico Cimarosa for the gran soirée music band of Politeama Boglione of Bra, scheduled for Sunday 4 December 2011, when at the theater will resound the notes of the Gala Concert "Omaggio al Barocco". To vibrate the air with the best scores of the eighteenth century Italian Chamber Orchestra "A. Vivaldi "and two young talents of classical music.

Planted the centennial tree of "150 new trees for the centennial of national unity" initiative in Bra, which has allowed the 2011 citizen to grow in public. Trees, donated by the nursery of the Piedmont Region, have been arranged by the municipal staff in progress Monviso, Lenti square, Falchetto road and near the western town ring road.

Christmas is approaching, the most anticipated time of year for all children, and in the approach path are also included the animated readings that every Monday are proposed in the kids room of the Bra civic library. If on Monday 5 December the Venasca Sound Factory will allow you to take a few steps between the seven notes in the following "The Ciribius Trip", Monday 12 Elio Giacone will animate the fairy tale "Sorridi è Natale!", For appointments dedicated to children between the three and seven years.

Bra's sausage protagonist "AbbiateGusto". The "gastronomic" national event of Abbiate Grasso (Milan) has been confirmed as a success, where, among the various national excellences, the typical sausage of the city of Zizzola was also traditionally tradition.

"We are kids, tomorrow in the world "sang in Bra, yesterday 28 November 2011, pupils of the school" Edoardo Mosca "at the inauguration of new panels embellishing the facade of the gym in via Mercantini. A wish, but also a way of "remembering the big ones" that to them, to the smallest ones, a better world without war, without injustice, made of peace and harmony should be delivered. Phrases that the pupils themselves wanted to write in the new murals, for words on which the kids worked during the year talking about sports.