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The thrill of the theater under the tree. Again this year, with the approach of Christmas, he returns to Politeama Boglione of Bra the initiative "Give it a place to theater", that is, the opportunity to make - and to do - a special gift, choosing among the unmissable titles of the Season 2011 / 2012.

An intense work night, last Saturday 3 December, 2011, for the Bra ambulance police patrol that ended with two seized cars because of no insurance and a drunk driving allegation. Shortly after the 22nd, during a road traffic control post in Rome, agents reported the alt to a Fiat Bravo led by BM, Benevagienna forty. From checking the documents it turned out that the vehicle was circulating without insurance for more than a month. The agents then proceeded to contest the violation and put the seals on the vehicle, seized.

The opening of the Tourism Office and the Square Caduti for 20 Freedom, on the ground floor of the historic Mathis Palace, is interrupted for two months. The service, suspended temporarily during December and January, will resume Sunday 5 February 2012. Unchanged, however, the other weekly schedules: Monday to Friday 9-13 and 15-18, Saturdays from 9 to 12.

Bra has won second place at the 2011 edition of the international prize "Chiara Lubich for fraternity", awarded by the "City for fraternity" association for the example offered with the unanimous approval of the new city governor plan. In recent days, the chairman of the city council of the city of Zizzola, Fabio Bailo, withdrew the prestigious recognition at Montefalco, in the province of Perugia, from the hands of the president of the Pasquale Boccia association.

Bra-filled room for a timely news item. Only seats in the council hall of the town hall of the city of Zizzola for the convention titled "Become an entrepreneur in times of crisis", organized by the municipal administration and the employment center Alba-Bra of the Province of Cuneo, yesterday first Thursday December 2011. The job was the Mayor Bruna Sibille, who recalled the importance of creating connections between companies in order to be able to make a system at global and local levels, and the provincial councilor at work Pietro Blengini, who recalled the positive budget of provincial business creation branches, with almost ten percent of entrepreneurial ideas that were then realized in new economic activities.