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The municipal administration of Bra, despite the coronavirus emergency, is working to define the methods for carrying out the Summer Boys in the city, with the desire to be able to offer moments of socialization and leisure to the boys forced into the house for a long time time and adequate support for families in Bra.

Starting from 8 June 2020, the Pollenzo waste collection center, located in via Langhe, will be closed to users due to renovations, which should last until 30 August. For the entire duration of the works, users can contact the nearest recycling centers in the area: the Corso Monviso center in Bra, open every day from Monday to Saturday from 8-12 and 13,30-17,30; that of Monticello d'Alba (in the locality of Casà), operating on Tuesdays from 14 to 17 pm, on Wednesdays from 8,30 to 12,30, on Fridays from 9 to 12 and on Saturdays from 13,30 to 17,30; that of Pocapaglia (on the provincial road 194 leading to the Rossi hamlet), open on Tuesdays from 8,30 to 12, Thursdays from 11 to 13, on Fridays from 8,30 to 12 and on Saturdays from 8,30 to 12.

The coronavirus emergency will not prevent the city of Bra from celebrating the Italian Republic day in the best possible way. Certainly, due to the anti-Covid rules that prohibit gatherings, Tuesday 2 June 2020 will miss the appointment with the many initiatives organized by the municipal administration in past editions, but this does not mean that citizens will not have the opportunity to participate in one great collective party, even if in virtual form.

Update: the Consumer Movement announces that it will lend its business in Bra until 25 July 2020, and then cease the local service.


Starting from 6 June 2020, the Consumer Desk in Bra reopens to the public, organized by the Consumer Movement. The office, housed in the house of associations in Piazza Valfrè, will be operational again with the usual hours, on Saturday morning from 9 to 12.

The river session of the City Council closed with the discussion of 10 questions presented by the minority (with the exception of the councilor Annalisa Genta, group leader of “Coraggio-Si Cambia”, who signed only the last one).

Among the topics under discussion is the transport service to the new Verduno hospital, which is now considered unsuitable to meet the needs of healthcare personnel as well as those who go to the hospital to assist patients. "We are aware that the service does not satisfy everyone", replied the commissioner Massimo Borrelli. "For this reason we will ask the Regions to modify some timetables of line 2 in order to meet the needs of users without increasing spending and at the same time to consider the route urban by inserting Verduno in the conurbation, so as to keep the ticket price at 1,2 ,XNUMX euros".

The new hospital was the subject of a second question relating to interventions in the field of traffic which will have to ensure easy access to the structure by citizens. In this regard, the Mayor illustrated the procedure which, after the release of the "Crosetto Funds", will lead to the construction of the variant to the town of Pollenzo. Work to which the Municipality will contribute with 700 thousand euros.

Another very heartfelt topic is the carrying out or not of this year's Summer Boys, a question that is very close to the hearts of families in Bra. Mayor Gianni Fogliato confirmed that the Administration intends to guarantee the running of the summer camps also for the entire month of August and that contacts have already started with the Alice and Lunetica cooperatives, the parishes, the Madonna dei Fiori neighborhood association and Salesians. "We will proceed by dividing the children into small groups divided into a greater number of school complexes than in the past", explained the Mayor.

Also asked for clarification about the fate of the masks donated by the Chinese County of Yongchang ("partially distributed to Aghav, the Mental Health Center and voluntary associations but not to the citizens as they are disposable"), forecasts regarding the reduction of revenues urbanization costs in the three-year public works plan ("today a 40% decline is assumed, but the Region has announced that it will cover at least part of the losses"), and information about the measures taken to avoid the frequent abandonment of waste along the embankments of the railway between via Cuneo and via Cherasco ("RFI has undertaken to install a camera to monitor the area, as well as to clean the area. Measures that have been suspended due to the Covid emergency and which we will return to solicit ").

The oppositions then showed criticism of the Administration for the failure to convene the City Council in recent months: "In our opinion it was necessary to call a session in April to present a detailed report on what was happening and how it was acting ”, Commented by Marco Ellena (Lega).

This was followed by the discussion of a question relating to the pedestrian crossing via Vittorio Veneto, near the roundabout with via Adua and via Isonzo, which will be modified to make it safer.

The question presented by councilor Genta about 5G technology closed the evening. “At the moment”, explained the commissioner Massimo Borrelli, “there are no plants in the territory of Bra, which is not affected by the experimentation. However, the issue will be investigated by the Environment Commission ". (rb)

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