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Moncalieri's A & B, in association with the company Assandri Ugo, will be involved in the construction of the new breed nursery Bandito in Bra. The Turin firm was awarded the contract at the end of the competition, which saw sixty-five companies competing, only two of which were excluded during the competition proceedings. The contract, for which an intervention amounted to nine hundred and eighty thousand euros, was awarded with a fall of 15,513 per cent. The tenders are published in full in section "Business Services" of the official website of the municipal administration of Bra. (Rg)
Maxi bills gas to Bra. The City Administration of the City of Zizzola has moved in the past few days to the main service managers by sending a letter asking for clarification on the amounts and the possibilities for rate adjustments of supplies in the winter months, suggesting a different attitude towards the 'users. In this regard, the mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone stated: "It was a communication not only formally but substantively, which was also requested by the Democratic Party leader of the Democratic Party Gianni Fogliato, both by telephone and in the City Council. Even though the gas supply service is licensed by third parties, it is appropriate for the municipality, on behalf of its citizens, to be heard above all by a company such as Enel Gas, which manages an infrastructure that remains our property. " (Rg)
In relation to the failure to acknowledge the public's interest in the design proposals of an underground parking in Piazza Carlo Alberto, the Mayor and the Municipal Council of Bra intend to communicate the following assessments. First of all, the strategic importance of the creation of underground car parks, close to the historic center, is emphasized as fundamental to supporting the socio-economic development of cities. Therefore, the Mayor, the Junta and the political forces of the majority continue to consider such works as necessary for the modernization of the city.

"Shout of love" is the theme of the "Recondite Armonie 2008" review. Three melodramas, composed by Giuseppe Verdi, and an opera: from the desperate love of Violetta in La Traviata, to the happiest atmospheres of Cin Cinque "There," where the cry of love becomes exhilarating, as it returns to be harrowing, and that of a father who kills her beloved daughter, in "Rigoletto." Finally, with "Nabucco", love is crowned by success of Ismaele and Fenena, the daughter of the king of Babylon, who is able to neutralize Abigaille's deceptions, a journey through the centuries, a sequence of sad and happy loves, impossible and lucky.The novelty of this year is the choice to give the tour is an itinerant character: two shows have been held in Cuneo, one in Saluzzo and one in conclusion will be held in Bra, Friday 1 ° August 2008, in the Square Caduti Libertà.

A reminder to companies managing gas methane at Bra, urging them to "inform users in the most appropriate and expeditious manner" of the bills that have come to these days in the city, some of which have a considerable amount after time counts were no longer counted on the counters and no bills were sent to the users for supplies. This is what Mayor Camillo Scimone and the Concession Commissioner Giovanni Marco Gallo have made, with a letter stating that at a previous report last April "Enel Gas spa replied that the episode was from charging for a change in internal consumer discovery procedures, resulting in billing delays. There was also an assurance that the circumstance, as well as the possibility of rateing for abnormal consumption, as provided for by art. 10 of resolution no. 229 / 2001 of the Authority for Electricity and Gas, it would have been given appropriate information to the users. "