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No interruption to Bra for the activities of the justice of the peace, with the local authorities of the territory that will help to guarantee the administrative staff of the office. The mayor Bruna Sibille has anticipated, during a conference that was held today Thursday 20 October 2011, that the municipalities referred to by the office will contribute to the maintenance of the structure of Bra ensuring, for six months, the posting of a municipal employee braidesi in the offices of Piazza Caduti for freedom.

This morning, Wednesday 19 OCTOBER 2011, an emergency patrol of the municipal police of Bra was called in via Umberto I, at the intersection with Via Magenta, for a car not regularly parked that prevented the urban bus from passing. While preparing to punish the vehicle in irregular parking, the agents were heavily outraged and threatened by a passerby who was in the area.

Joy and problems in bringing together family, children and school. It will be an all-round reflection on lifestyles and on the role of the various educational agencies, the one that will allow Bra, after watching a film, to discuss the main issues facing the families of our day. Is this the purpose of the four days of "Family and school: traveling for where?", The initiative promoted by the municipal administration and the municipal council of families in collaboration with the various schools present under the Zizzola.

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Four films for ten euros. Back, for the over sixty braidesi, the opportunity to spend four afternoons in the cinema in November with some of the most interesting films of the last season, to reflect, even smiling, on the passing time. Now in its third edition, the review "Grand'età al cinema" will open Monday 7 November 2011 at 15 with "What a beautiful day", the film sbanca-botteghini that has in the brilliant performances of the cabaretist Pugliese Checco Zalone his true mattatore .

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The operations to elect the consultation of foreign citizens, the new advisory body that will give voice to the representatives of the different ethnic groups present under the Zizzola, have left for Bra. In the last few days, the first of a series of meetings took place in the city hall to determine the organizational methods necessary for the appointment of its representatives.