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It started by recalling the figure of Attilio Bravi, Olympic athlete in Rome 1960, for many years Coni Provincial President, National Olympic Committee, and Charismatic figure of city sports and public life, Bra Council Town Council meeting yesterday , Thursday 28 November 2013. The assembly chaired by Fabio Bailo has approved some significant financial decisions, in addition to accepting the donation of a space in Pollenzo, in which to set up a piazzetta as part of the restyling work of Via Regina Margherita.

"This is one of the occasions when I would like to be in the minority, to express everything I think about tributes like Tares, which even when it was expected it was clear to be a real crap. Today, however, we arrive at the absurd that at the end October is changing, with a different situation between municipalities, penalizing the virtuous ones who had already approved the budget in time: damage can not be combined with mockery either. " It was stingy to ban the recent local government finance measures, the mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, as part of the municipal council meeting that took place yesterday, Thursday 29 November 2013.

In recent days, a woman, after being beaten by her husband, first took refuge from neighbors and later contacted the municipal police station of Bra. The command immediately sent an emergency patrol to the agents who, after calming the woman, proceeded to accompany her first in command and then to the emergency room of the Santo Spirito hospital to medicate the injuries reported.

Changes in traffic in the Pollenzo di Bra district starting from Monday 2 December 2013. For redevelopment works in via Regina Margherita, the first part of the same road, from the intersection with the 7 provincial road and the 19 house number, will be closed to traffic from 7: 30 until the end of the work to ensure operators can work in maximum safety.

Five evenings in Bra to learn about all the opportunities to continue secondary school under the Zizzola. From Tuesday, December 3, 2013, "SpaziOri Orientation" returns, the calendar of events dedicated to children who attend the last year of lower secondary school, and to their parents, who must make a decision on their future. In addition, in December and January, two appointments to make physical contact with the places as well, through the "Open Schools" initiative, which will allow you to see up close what the Braidesi high schools can offer.

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