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Also celebrated in Bra, in recent days, the "day of remembrance" not to forget the exodus of the Italian populations from Istria and Dalmatia at the end of the Second World War. After the Politeama theater in the city of Zizzola hosted the show of Simone Cristicchi "Magazzino 18", the ceremony took place at the shrine of the Madonna dei fiori, where the Mass was celebrated in memory of the martyrs.

After the project start-up meeting held in Holland in November 2013, the project "Enhance traditions to improve young skills and abilities" started by the European Commission under the "Youth in Action" program and which sees the Municipality Bra is the leader of a network of local and international partners. Among these, the Dutch city of Vaals, the Argentine twin city of Corral de Bustos, the NGO "African Spring" which operates in Benin, the Maltese association "VisMedNet", to which are added the local partners Ascom Bra, with whom the intervention was co-designed and shared, the social cooperative Lunetica and the association "Quartiere Madonna dei Fiori".

It is directed by Roberto Ciufoli - comedian, actor, dubber and today also director - the French comedy "Bon Dimanche", scheduled for Thursday 20 February at the Politeama Boglione theater in Bra, with Emanuela Aureli and Edoardo Siravo on stage.

Meeting in Turin on the movicentro of Bra. Today, Wednesday 12 February 2014, Mayor Bruna Sibille and the municipal councilor Pietro Ferrero, together with officials of the civic administration of the city of Zizzola, met the officials of the Piedmont Region and the railway companies at the regional transportation office RFI and Trenitalia (both Ferrovie dello Stato group) to submit some hypotheses that can give solution to the age-old story of using the center of gravity, the infrastructure built next to the railway station in Braille born to act as a link between public transport on rubber and that on rail.

The appointments with the 2013-2014 Peace School program continue with the fourth meeting to be held on Friday 21 February, at 21 at the "G. Arpino "in via Guala 45 in Bra, entitled:" A life spent for peace: Don Tonino Bello to 20 years after his death ". Father Antonio Dell'Olio, a member of the Bureau and responsible for the international sector of Libera, will participate as well as a national coordinator and member of the National Council of Pax Christi. During the evening the short film "L'anima attesa." The strength of the message of Mons. Tonino Bello "will be screened.