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Tango, milonga and Argentine folklore. Atmosphere from Buenos Aires for preview of the new season of the Politeama Theater of Bra, which on November 12 November at 21 opens the rich series of shows with "Pasion Argentina", singular project of music and dance of the Argentinean-Argentine Group of the Barrio.

First meeting, in the new school year, of the council of the boys of Bra. This morning, Friday 4 November 2011, the youngest representatives of middle school and middle school boys met in a meeting chaired by Fabio Bailo, the chairman of the city council of the town of Zizzola. Early in the opening, the two themes that will make the thread across the entire experience, namely the Bra of yesterday told by some witnesses of historical facts that have marked the city, and the Bra of tomorrow, with the deepening of the themes of multi-culturalism and integration.

There is a year to regularize any live acts for the transmission of perpetual cemetary concessions issued before the 10 February of 1976. To establish the new mortuary police regulation of the town of Zizzola, foreseeing for all those who had failed to notify the municipality of any assignment or conveyance of the concession the obligation to provide sanatoriums by October 2012.

Bra animated reading in the kids room of the civic library continues. Every Monday from 17, children between the ages of three and seven can take part in the promotion project's appointment to read "Nati to read". After the success of the Halloween party, which has run out into its capacity the toy museum, Monday 7 November 2011 protagonist will be Elio Giacone and his "Wind Blow".

If the opening was devoted to laughter, with Luca Medici in art Checco Zalone, who on Monday proposes on Monday 7 his "What a beautiful day", Monday 14 November 2011 the film review "Grandfather at the cinema", the initiative in program for Bra for over sixty with the four-ten-euro movie formula, will definitely thrive on an intense actress act, which has allowed Natalie Portman to win a well-deserved Oscar award.