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Do the security measures for the Covid 19 pandemic still make museum attendance impossible? Then museums will reach users at home. This is what the Toy Museum of Bra has chosen to do, which will create a series of nice online initiatives that can involve children.

Each week on the Museum's website - - ​​a game or video tutorial will be published that will allow young users to spend a few hours in joy. This week begins with the three paper dolls of the Toy Museum, Maria, Adele and Anna, who ask for the help of the children to be able to redo their wardrobe, now out of fashion today. Going to the section of the site dedicated to them (in the News), it will be possible to download the image of one of the dolls, print it, cut it out and then use it as a model. Everyone is invited to prepare new clothes (but also make-up and jewelry), to photograph the models and to send the images to the address The images will then be published in a special photo gallery.

But this is only the beginning: in the coming weeks other fun surprises will be coming!

For further information, please contact the Toy Museum by calling 0172-413049 or by writing to (Rb)

Info: City of Bra - Civic Library, via Guala 45

tel. 0172. 413049 -

Asl CN 2 announces that the transfer to Verduno of the hospital activities now hosted at the "Santo Spirito" garrison in Bra will take place on Sunday 10 May. From that moment on, the "Michele e Pietro Ferrero" hospital will become operational for the Internal Medicine ward. The following day the oncological and hematological Day Hospital activities will begin. Traditional radiology and CT are already active. The wards of the Alba hospital, operating rooms and the DEA will be transferred in July 2020.

There is time until 10 June 2020 to present the "school voucher" for the 2020-2021 school year. It is a ticket that citizens can use for expenses and purchases related to the right to study, which now also includes the state contribution for study books. There are two types of contribution that can be requested: the voucher to be used for the payment of enrollment and attendance fees at the equivalent schools and the one for textbooks, teaching materials, technological equipment, supplementary activities provided for in the training offer plans and transportation.

The Braidesi civic museums are still closed to the public due to the Covid-19 health emergency, but the activity of promoting culture and disseminating content does not stop. For years the Civic Museum of Natural History "Craveri" in Bra has been carrying out educational activities aimed at schools of all levels. Given the forced stop of these months and with a view to expanding the service offered, the museum has activated a series of proposals available for free online, aimed at schools and dedicated to pupils of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

Teaching cards, films, presentations and other material will be made available to teachers who request them as support for lessons and distance learning. It will be a way to stay close even if distant, keeping the collaboration relationship and scientific support alive to the classes unable to take part in the workshops and activities in the area.

I am available (on request by email: o number 328.6619330) teaching materials on: "The Life of the Bees" (Nursery school and primary school); "The Birds of Braidese and the scientific ringing" (infancy school and primary school); "The life of the butterfly" (kindergarten and primary school); "Geological evolution of the Braidese" (primary and secondary school); "The germination of seeds" (nursery school and primary school); "The solar system" (primary and secondary school); "Virtual journey to discover the trees of the Zizzola Park" (primary school); "The evolution of life on Earth" (primary and secondary school); "Principles of organic horticulture" (primary school and secondary school); "Federico Craveri: journey to the origins of the Natural History Museum of Bra" (primary and secondary school). At the request of teachers, materials on further topics are also available.

Educational and popular videos on the "Craveri" Museum are available to all citizens on the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra, at: (Em)

Info: Municipality of Bra - Craveri Museum

Tel. 0172.412010 - mail:

From Thursday 7 May Poste Italiane will restore the operations of the post office in via Adua 6 / A, which will be operational from Monday to Friday from 8.20 to 13.35 and on Saturday from 8.20 to 12.35. Throughout the network of post offices, a specific sanitization procedure was carried out, the installation of the plexiglass shielding panels was completed in all the front-office positions and safety strips were positioned to guarantee interpersonal distancing.

Info: City of Bra - Public Relations Office
tel. 0172.438281 -