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The first round of informative meetings with the citizens to illustrate the novelties regarding the collection of waste that will come into force at Bra from February 2019 will be concluded, with considerable public response, now we move on to the distribution of the new conforming bags for the undifferentiated and of plastic and organic collection kits. The material will be delivered progressively to all users, from mid-December to the end of January, according to a fixed calendar for territorial areas sent to all families by letter.

Christmas in music with the "Gandino" Civic Institute of Bra which, in view of the festivities, dedicates to the City two great thematic exhibitions with free admission (with obligatory reservation).

Monday 17 December 2018 the branches of the Registry Office of the City of Bra will be closed for migration in ANPR - National Population Resident, a national database established at the Ministry of the Interior, which will gradually converge all municipal registries.

For death reports only, you can contact the Civil Status Office from 9 to 12. The desk will resume its services fully from the following day, according to the usual opening hours. For more information, write to or call the 0172.438342 number. (Em)

"Christmas holidays" at the museum: educational workshops and extraordinary opening days offer the opportunity to spend days at home from school in the halls of two museums in Braido. At the museum of history, archeology and art of Palazzo Traversa the "Christmas holidays at the museum" are back with creative workshops for children from 6 to 12 years.

It will take place on the Sunday before Christmas, as usual, the extraordinary market in Bra. Sunday 23 December 2018, from 7,30 in the morning and for the whole day, in Piazza Carlo Alberto banks of different genres will offer an idea for last-minute gifts. (Em)