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The students of the University of Turin will most likely have the opportunity to attend an internship at the Historical Archive of Bra. The indication emerged following the visit by the students of the School of Archives annexed to the State Archives of the subalpine capital, who have deepened the knowledge on the work of recovery, inventory and reorder that Dr Wanda Gallo and Roberta Audenino are performing at the municipal treasure archive.

Four young volunteer civil servants will be available to the Bra Commune in the coming months. It has established the National Voluntary Civil Service Office, endorsing the "Bra City to Live with Taste" project (also available on the Web in the Informagiovani Space of, which includes the insertion of two volunteers within the Tourism and Manifestocial sector, where they will take care of tourism and provide cultural and logistic information about the city's receptivity, while two more will be employed at the Civic Library. Here, they will perform customer relationship tasks with research tasks, handling and reordering of bibliographic material, together with the decentralized loan activity directly at some of the schools.

The "Summer Boys" operation, Bra Centers for primary and infant school students open during the beautiful season, are restored to Bra. The initiative will involve elementary boys from June 15 to 29 July 2005 at "Moscow" School in via Montegrappa, while maternal babies will follow activities in Hospital Hospitality from 4 to 29 July. The summer centers will remain open from 7: 30 to 18: 30 from Monday to Friday, and you can sign up from 17 to 27 next May by filling out the distribution module at the School School Office (via Barbacana 6, close-up - Monday on Friday 8: 30-12: 30 and Monday to Thursday 15-16 - 0172.438336 phone) until the available seats are exhausted.

Where to go on holiday? You decide in City Hall! It is possible to Bra, where Informagiovani, on the first floor of the municipal building in via Barbacana, offers a wide choice of guides and tourist material that can guide you on the offers of stay in every corner of the world. Here you will also be able to access the Youth Hostels Access Card, extremely affordable facilities open all over the world and accessible to all ages (minors will have to submit parental permission to ask for their release) . You can also find information on travel facilities and Inter-rail conditions, as well as a large library of monographic tour guides on Italian regions or European and extra-European nations.

"Between Speaking Clouds and Animated Drawings". This is the title of the show dedicated to the cartoon world that will develop during the five days of the "Children's Book Salon" by Bra, the scheduled show in Cuneo from 18 to 22 May 2005. The space, which will be set up inside the church of San Rocco in Via Cavour, will host the original tables of many designers and screenwriters who will be present at the "Salone" labs.
They will be Bra Silver (creator of Lupo Alberto), Silvio Arlenghi (Disney animator), Giorgio Figus (Topolino scriptwriter), Sergio Giardo (Bonelli editing designer), Cinzia Ghigliano (illustrator - comic book designer), Piero Lusso writer of Lupo Alberto and Cattivik), Marco Martis (illustrator), Davide Mosca (comic book designer and animator at Lastrego and Testa), Paolo Mottura (Mickey Mouse Designer and author of "Les Humanoides Associés"), Federica Nuccio (Screenwriter of Topolino), Luigi Piccatto (Dylan Dog Designer), Paolo Rovero (Mickey Mouse Designer and author of "Les Humanoides Associés"), Bruno Sarda (Topolino writer), Giorgio Sommacal (creator of Cattivik), Andrea Valente author of La Pecora Nera), Sergio Zaniboni (Diabolik designer), Paolo Zaniboni (Steam Rail designer, published on Il Giornalino) and Marco Zanoni (Disney animator). The exhibition "Between Talking Clouds and Animated Drawings" will remain open from 18 to 29 May 2005 on 9 time: 30-12: 30 and 14-18: 30 with free entry.