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In recent weeks, the project of legality entitled "Raining stones" was completed at the Istituto San Giuseppe di Bra, realized with the coordination of the municipal administration of Bra, aimed at sensitizing young people about problems, projects and activities aimed at subjects in evident condition of social hardship, with their consequent reintegration. Introduced and guided to the subject by the collaborator of the Consorzio Cooperative Sociali (CIS), Cecilia Madau, the students of the fifth class of the social and technological high school have brought out ideas regarding their vision of the prison environment and the meaning of the word "justice". For this reason they had the opportunity to visit the Alba District House and to know the different fundamental roles that the subjects play within the structure.

It is on the Bra's website, the call for a public selection of two municipal police officers, with whom a training and work contract will be signed for a year. The announcement is also in distribution at the Public Office of the Studies Division and municipal organization, in the civic building.

In the former exhibition hall of the "Giovanni Arpino" cultural multifunctional center of Bra, the collection of ancient toys owned by Mr. Michele Chiesa, exhibited in these years in Via Mendicità Istruita will be transferred. The new set-up will complete the offer of the municipal cultural services inside the Guala building, which already houses the sections of the Civic Library, with multimedia stations, the children's room in the same Library and a very demanding conference room.

The new year at Bra will open under the banner of music with the "Concert of the Epiphany", presented by the wind orchestra of the musical institute "Adolfo Gandino". Friday 5 January 2006 at 21, on the stage of the Teatro Politeama di Bra, the Institute directed by Maestro Giuseppe Allione will propose a repertoire full of different musical genres, all able to create an immersive atmosphere that will transmit unrepeatable emotions. Among the songs in the program, also the unforgettable soundtrack of the movie "The Mission", written by Ennio Morricone, composer who will receive the Oscar for his career in February.

From January 2007 to Bra will resume road education courses, which will see municipal police officers engaged in town schools, from maternity to lower secondary schools. Again this year the lessons will take place, depending on the school, classroom and street. Inside, the institutes will give some basic information on the Road Code and the meaning of the main road signs, while in the street (for children in the kindergartens inside the courtyards) the lessons will be able to use the patrol co-operation, which will show the students the devices and the equipment of which the service cars are equipped.