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The new Bandito gaming area was inaugurated, built in the green area of ​​the railway station square based on the project of the district committee and thanks to the contribution of the Baratti & Milano company. The ribbon cut occurred yesterday, Tuesday 29 March 2018, in the presence of the Mayor of Bra Bruna Sibille, the municipal administrators, the managing director of Baratti & Milano Guido Repetto, representatives of the fraction committee and primary school students " TO. Jona "di Bandito, who tested - with great pleasure - the new structure designed just for the fun of children, in complete safety. (Em)

Bra has a new math champion for a few weeks. And 'Nicolò Capriolo, a student of the fourth class of the "Franco Gioetti" of Viale Madonna Fiori, that the 12 may arrived fifth - on over 200 children - to the final of the Junior Mathematics Championships reserved for students of the fourth and fifth classes of primary school , organized by Mateinitaly in collaboration with the Bocconi University and the University of Milan.

From 9 to 30 June 2018, on the noble floor of Palazzo Mathis, the "Amici dei Musei di Bra" Volunteer Cultural Association presents the anthological exhibition of the artist Franco Mazzonis entitled "Luci e colori di Langa". The exhibited works, paintings, drawings and graphics, are altogether more than sixty and offer a wide overview of the artist's rich production. The vernissage is scheduled for Saturday 9 June 2018, at 17.

Nearly three hundred Italian flags were delivered this morning (Tuesday 29 May 2018) in Bra to the fifth classes of primary schools in the city, as part of the event promoted by the Bra Host Lions Club and the Braero Lions Club in collaboration with the City of Bra.

Revision of the agenda for the long session of the Council meeting of the 28 in May 2018: in agreement with the proposal of the councilor Roberto Marengo (Somaglia per Bra), already shared in the group commission, the discussion of the resolutions on the agenda was brought forward , to leave the debate on questions and motions to the second part of the session. The decision was motivated by the presence of municipal technicians and employees called to report on specific aspects of the resolutions and who would have to wait until later to intervene on the matters under their jurisdiction. With the votes of the majority, and the abstention of the opposition groups, the definitive adoption of the acoustic zoning plan that the council had already examined last July was approved. Subsequently, a town planning resolution, illustrated by the mayor Bruna Sibille, was approved to update an intervention plan on a production area in Pollenzo, in the Burdina Crociera area.

Debate on social assistance
For relevance to the issue of the resolution on the agenda, the discussion of a motion presented by the Councilor of the Five Star Movement, Claudio Allasia, on the subject of management of the social assistance was advanced. Allasia illustrated the document in which he asked that in the new convention that eleven municipalities in the territory, with Bra leader, are stipulating for the management of activities before the competence of the ASCN2, specify the rules of operation of the assembly of mayors with particular attention to the publicity of the sessions, in order to promote the transparency and participation of the interested parties. Furthermore, the motion called for the formalization of a closer and more organized collaboration with voluntary associations and the third sector. In signing the requests contained in the motion, the director Davide Tripodi (Bra Tomorrow) stigmatized the path that led to the motion and the deliberation in the council: "These issues should have been addressed in the commission for assistance, but have never been put on the agenda. The convention that is proposed to us is like an acknowledgment, because what could we modify of a text that the other Municipalities have already approved? ".

Minority advisors, as Abderrahmane Amajou (Bra City for Life) pointed out, had asked that the discussion on the change of management of social services was protracted until the end of 2018, expiry of the current agreement with Asl Cn2, instead of 1 July 2018: "The work of examining the specific aspects - added Amajou - should be done in the competent committees to express positions and participated solutions, but this does not happen in the commissions". The majority councilor Maria Milazzo (Pd), who is also chairman of the socio-assistance commission, proposed a series of amendments to the motion that "point out some passages also in light of aspects that already commit the mayor because they are included in the general legislation" , as explained by the commissioner Gianni Fogliato, delegate to the Social. The councilor Massimo Somaglia (Forza Italia), asked to add a passage in which the mayor is committed "so that the regulations of each area of ​​implementation are addressed in the competent commissions". The text, with both amendments, was approved with the abstention of the Bra Tomorrow group and the opposite vote of the councilors Amajou and Allasia who stressed: "The dissolution of the agreement with the Local Health Authority was not shared, but imposed". In the rest of the debate, councilor Amajou announced his intention to resign as vice-president of the social-assistance commission. Opening of the discussion of the convention scheme for the associated management of social welfare services between the municipalities of Bra, Ceresole d'Alba, Cherasco, La Morra, Narzole, Pocapaglia, Sanfrè, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva del Bosco, Sommariva Perno and Verduno intervened the mayor. Sibille has retraced the process to get to the scheme of convention through a path shared with the other 10 Municipalities involved emphasizing how: "The intent is to rationalize the services and, in the face of savings, will allow us to increase what is offered to users. For this reason we have acted as a territory, in a cohesive way. "The commissioner Fogliato added:" The scheme of the agreement is the result of a very complex and complex team that took into account different accounting and financial aspects but that has always wanted put the person in the center ". The resolution was approved with the abstention of the Forza Italia groups, Somaglia per Bra, Bra Tomorrow and the opposite vote of Amajou and Allasia.

New rules for the civic library
The city council then discussed the new regulation of the "Giovanni Arpino" civic library. To illustrate the document, the Councilor for Culture, Fabio Bailo, who recalled the reasons and the process followed to get to the approval. "The 10 last April - said Bailo - the text of the regulation was examined in the Municipal Culture Commission, where no remarks of any kind were made. Then, last week, in the group leaders' committee some changes were proposed and shared in the revised text that we will vote this evening ". "The regulation - added Bailo - technical and meticulous in some aspects, has been elaborated by the manager and library staff, who thank, and replaces the previous one dating back to the 1980 to adapt to the many changes that have taken place over this period. It is essential to regulate the present of the structure. Specifically, the regulation is functional to the transition from paper to computerized loan scheduled in the coming months and serves to better regulate access to PCs that allow the use of the Internet ". The Councilor Allasia expressed perplexity on the timing, considered too narrow, for the approval of the regulation and reiterated the request to establish the "Library Council", provided for by the regional law on the subject and to identify a manager of the structure with more specific skills compared to those of the manager. Amajou, on the other hand, asked for an amendment to be added to the library "to make use of voluntary associations or municipal bodies such as the youth council and other bodies that collaborate with the Administration for the opening or closing of the study rooms". This amendment has received the technical opinion negative of the manager of the division, Gerardo Robaldo, who reiterated what was previously highlighted by Alderman Bailo: "As it is structured, our library has no separate study spaces from those of the loan and the shelves with open consultation and the presence of staff is essential to ensure the correct use of the structure ". On the topic, the Councilor for Culture added: "The law that provides for library councils will soon be exceeded while initiatives will be planned to know how users appreciate the services and to collect proposals and suggestions". "The need to expand times and spaces of the study hall - closed the president of the city council, Biagio Conterno - is a question that we share and for which other solutions have been evaluated, but is parallel to the approval of the regulation and can not be superimposed now". The amendment of the councilor Amajou was rejected and the regulation was approved with 13 favorable votes and 2 opposed (Allasia and Amajou).

Yes to the motion to promote the "blank to make"
In the second part of the city council several questions were discussed starting from that of the councilor of the 5 Movement Stelle Claudio Allasia on the planning of the cleaning of the drains and the maintenance of some roads and pedestrian crossings (specifically Crosassa road and Viale Costituzione) gardens of piazza Roma and then a specific question on the paving of via Principi di Piemonte. Still on the subject of road conditions, Amajou advised on the timing of intervention on the road surface of Via Sobrero. Speaking of road maintenance, the Councilor for Public Works Luciano Messa stated that: "The interventions on road markings have been delayed because they are necessary at least three consecutive days without rain and, strange case for this season, have not yet occurred. For the maintenance of roads, the available funds have been increased, also keeping a margin for any interventions that are necessary in an unexpected way. In Via Principi, permanent accommodation will be carried out in the summer when it will be less impactful to close the road for a few days and will be borne by the company that had the restyling contract ". The councilor Allasia then questioned the mayor and the junta on the participation in a call for bids for cycle paths and on the redistribution of separate collection revenues. Amajou asked for some specific interventions to overcome architectural barriers. Two motions on the agenda faced before the end of the session. Allasia presented a document for the promotion and experimentation of the "blank to make" a system for reusing packaging, especially food, which would otherwise be destined for garbage. The document contains an invitation to introduce economic incentives and facilitations for exhibitors and packaging manufacturers who will participate in the experimentation. The motion, with an amendment shared by all the directors, was approved unanimously. In the last part of the debate, the topic of the new privacy legislation was implemented in implementation of the European Union regulation, which came into force on May 25 2018. The councilors Allasia and Amajou presented a motion on the implementation of the EU regulation 2016 / 679 regarding the protection of personal data "to enhance the internal human resources of the Municipality and for its transparency and economy" with reference to the identification of the new figure of the data protection officer (Rpd). The president of the board, Biagio Conterno, in announcing the majority vote against, highlighted how, on the basis of the implementing regulations, the proposal is "inappropriate for timing (the Rpd has already been appointed by an external professional) and because for a As common as that of Bra it would not be possible to identify within the staff a person with the characteristics required for the Rpd and who is not directly involved in the data processing in the exercise of its function with consequent conflict of interests. Moreover, even in terms of costs, this choice would have been more onerous ". The motion was rejected with 10 votes against, in favor of the two proponents, abstained Panero. In the coming days, the full video of the council session will be published on the Municipality's Youtube channel. (it's at)

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