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Weekend issues for supplying drinking water to homes at the top of the hill of San Matteo in Bra. On Thursday evening, the concessionaire company of the integrated city water cycle, Tecnoedil, and the same Mayor Scimone on Friday, it was possible to intervene in the same hours on the aqueduct network of the upper part of the hilly part.

This morning, on Tuesday 27 July 2004, the Mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone met in his office in the Commandant of the Carnival Companion Bra of the Carabinieri Army, Captain Sandro Colongo, Brawn Guard Commander, Captain Fabio Sava, and the Commander of the City Municipal Police, Dr. Mauro Taba.

In August, the Bra Council Town Council's doorstep interrupts for a few weeks.

After appointing Archbishop Marco Ellena to Chief of Staff, the mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone wanted to confirm the appointment of a technical-legal advisor in his staff at Bruno Campi. The latter, formerly Vice Mayor and for many years a Chancellor of the Pretura township, had held similar positions in the past administration as a close associate of the Mayor Guide.

Professor Livio Berardo, president of the Historical Institute of the Resistance of the Province of Cuneo, and a bra in the situation of the town of Zizzola and that of the town of Pagno, a small center of the saluzzese, where he was elected to the last June administration.