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Viability, environment, viability of urban centers, economic interests to be protected. These are the questions that Bra's municipal administration intends to address in a series of meetings aimed at better outlining areas of intervention, priorities and suitability of solutions that aim to improve environmental sustainability of choices that will be made in the coming months.

Intense activity, from the operational point of view, that of the treacherous agents of the Municipal Police Command in recent days. Below are some of the most important facts.

Severe road accident

The 18 of February 21 had recently passed, when in Don Orione, near the crossroads with Bria Street, the DG pedestrian crossing the road was invested by Toyota Yaris led by PI, dropping it a few meters in forward. Immediate arrival of the Ambulance of 118 and the Patrol of the Municipal Police of Bra. The unhappy was immediately transported to the hospital Santo Spirito where he is still hospitalized in his prognosis.
On the exact circumstances of the incident, there are ongoing investigations by the Municipal Police of Bra. The fact, as envisaged by the legislation in force, was reported to the Attorney's Office at the Court of Alba, which ordered Yaris's seizure.

Decisive meeting this morning, Monday 21 February 2005, in the Bra Hall Hall Hall, which laid the foundations for signing a Memorandum of Understanding covering a section of the Bra-Alba railway line. The project foresees that this can take place from the bridge of via Cuneo to the roundabout of via Adua, for a length of about 450 meters, which will enable the realization of more than 300 parkings, along with the opportunity to expand the roadway in Via Vittorio Veneto.
During the meeting, the vice-president of the Piedmont Region, William Casoni, announced that the Turin administration will bear the burden of financing about half the construction of the work, the total cost of which will amount to about three million euro. The remaining part will be borne by the Municipality of Bra, which will request an intervention to the Province of Cuneo to cover part of the expenses.

At the end of a first run-in period, during which the educational intent took over the penalty of punishment, the members of the Municipal Police Commission of the City of Bra will begin to overturn irregular behaviors in compliance with the ordinances governing the new garbage collection service in the city, with the "door to door" system. The decision emerged during a meeting that took place at the City Hall on Thursday evening, 21 2005 on Monday, and involved municipal councilors at the Environment, Giovanni Marco Gallo, and Urban Police, Gian Carlo Balestra. The meeting was also attended by the Mayor of the Municipal Police of Braids, Dr Mauro Taba, and the leaders of the sectors involved.

The 28 February 2005 will be discussed on the budget for the current year of the Municipality of Bra. He informed these members today of the members of the city's largest assembly, the chairman of the municipal council, Gian Massimo Vuerich, who convened for the last day of the month, at 16, the assembly in the conference room of the Cultural Center "Giovanni Arpino ".
Among the other points under discussion, some town-planning resolutions, in addition to the three-year plan of public works, are part of the economic maneuver prepared by the Jury Scimon.