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It will be a special event, Saturday December 30 at Bra Theater Politeama, to greet the New Year. An exceptional New Year's concert will see on stage, directly from Ukraine, the National Philharmonic Orchestra "Sergej Prokofiev" directed by master Maurizio Billi. This training, highly appreciated on its tours in the West, has received wide public and criticism in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Canada. Because of the quality of its performances and the considerable number of productions it is considered one of the most important in its country. As part of the evening that will be the protagonist of Politeama, the Orchestra will feature very engaging and touching pieces including "Brahms", "Les Preludes" by Liszt and the classic waltz "On the beautiful Blue Danube" by Strauss. As a tradition, the "Radetzky Marsch" will conclude the concert.

There will be no pre-sale tickets for the first show "Mari and Salgari" of the "Sunday at Theater" stage, on Sunday 17 December 2006, at 16, at Politeama Theater in Bra. Those who love the adventures of Salgari, rich in noble maidens and intrepid corsairs, will be able to buy the ticket at the box office of Piazza Alberto, which will be opened by 15 on the same day as the show. By the Progetto Teatro Ragazzi and Young Piedmont, Vanni Zinola's performance "Mari and Salgari" is staged by the Company "Il Melarancio" and is freely inspired by the novels by Emilio Salgari. The show is characterized by performances by actors Gimmi Basilotta, Marina Berro, Tiziana Ferro and Vanni Zinola who use puppets of different sizes and materials in an unceasing exchange of roles and narrative plans. Adventurous characters, strange animals, taverns, dungeons, sudden hurricanes, in a stunningly colorful situation and environments that, in a continuous play between actors and puppets, offer the most fascinating pages of Salgarian runners.

A vast field control operation took place last week in Bra in the evening, carried out by the Municipal Police Command, with the assistance of three patrols for a total of seven engaged agents. After careful control of the center and the hamlets, the three patrol cars took place in via Cuneo, at the intersection with via Rosselli and then in Orti street, at the entrance of the city. Sixty-six cars were checked and thirty-seven drivers were tested for the Ethyl Meter to check for drunk driving cases. Of these, only one was positive to the test. The law stipulates that it is permissible to drive vehicles up to a level of 0,5 grams per liter of alcohol, while over this threshold a patent is withdrawn and a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office. Extraordinary controls of this type will be intensified during the 2007 with monthly cadence.

A naturalistic center where physical and psychological well-being is achieved, with a receptive destination that opens the door to opportunities for active tourism in the green. This is the target hypothesis of the historic Zizzola building to which Bra's municipal administration is working. The City Council has recently approved a feasibility study, drawn up by the architect Giovanni Bellingeri, for the construction of a modular structure to create, for the benefit of visitors, a starting point for reaching the natural paths of Roero, in addition to finding a place to stay and play entertainment, also available to residents.

Regarding the controversy raised by the debate at Bra Councils about the imposition of a square or a street in memory of the soldiers killed during the Ancient Babylon operation, mayor Camillo Scimone said: "The ballot was filed on the motion approved in the ' the last Municipal Council on the imposition of a square in the Fall of Nassirya, I would like to make some brief considerations in this regard. As a component of the city's largest assembly, it seemed appropriate to vote in favor of the text presented by majority groups, as I believe that the sacrifice of those who died for freedom should not go silent. I considered it appropriate to keep the parallel in the text by the presenters of the document, that is to say that while in the Senate a room is named in the memory of Carlo Giuliani, victim of the clashes during the G8 Genoa meeting, the national government failed to find 'a sufficient unit to commemorate, at one time, the Carabinieri, the military, and the civilians perceived in the most serious accident that our fellow countrymen had committed in a war theater since the end of the Second World War.