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"Financial" handover between the outgoing mayor, Bruna Sibille, and the new mayor of Braida, Gianni Fogliato, this morning (Friday 14 June 2019) in the meeting room where the "extraordinary cash check" was signed, which ideally represents the “passing of the baton”, from a financial point of view, between the old and the new mayor. Present were the former mayor Sibille and his successor Fogliato, the municipal secretary Claudio Chianese, the manager of the financial division, Raffaele Grillo and the three auditors Anna Paschero, Stefano Vincenzo Gotta and Massimo Berta. (it's at)

Info: Municipality of Bra - Mayor's Secretariat
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The mayor of Bra, Gianni Fogliato, sent a letter this morning, Friday 14 June 2019, to the Piedmontese Mobility Agency asking for the train to be restored on the Sfm 4 line with departure from Bra at 7.08 and arrival in Alba at 7,34 . The initiative following several complaints received by the Municipality from commuter workers and parents of students who travel from Bra to Alba every day. The train was canceled with the introduction of the summer timetable, but, to date, it is not expected to be reactivated even in autumn. "As soon as I was made aware of the fact - explains Mayor Fogliato - I wrote a formal letter to the representatives of the Piedmontese Mobility Agency that coordinates local public transport, asking, with courteous concern, that it be restored with the same departure time this 'reinforcement' public transport service with respect to the timetable of the convoys on line 4, indispensable for both workers and students who, in that time slot, travel from Bra to Alba ”. (it's at)

Info: Municipality of Bra - Public Transport Office
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Ceramic course for children at Palazzo Traversa: the museum of archeology, history and art of Bra offers six mornings of lessons (on Tuesdays, from 18 June to 30 July) to learn the rudiments of clay working.

Biagio Conterno, teacher, former president of the city council in the past administration, is the new deputy mayor of Bra. Conterno was appointed yesterday, Thursday 13 June 2019,

After excellent results from the first weeks of the launch of the new collection methods, which began last February, the positive trend of data on production and waste separation continues in Bra. At the end of the first four-month period of activation of the collection of undifferentiated “compliant bag” waste, the citizens of Braida are certainly promoted given that the quantity of differentiated waste has exceeded 90 percent.