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Over two thousand nursery, primary and middle school pupils will be giving life to 16 on the 2019 "Peace March" in Bra on Thursday. Wearing white T-shirts and peace symbols, children and young people will gather at the 9 in Piazza XX Settembre from where they will leave in procession through the streets of downtown (Corso Garibaldi - Piazza Caduti - Via Moffa di Lisio - Via Vittorio - Cavour goes - Piazza Carlo Alberto - via Umberto - Via Monte Grappa) until you reach piazza Giolitti.

The "European Museum Night" is to be experienced in Bra with many events that will enliven the afternoon and evening of Saturday 18 May 2019. The city's museums - Palazzo Traversa Civic Museum, "Craveri" Civic Museum of Natural History, Toy Museum, Palazzo Mathis, Museum of Mechanical Writing and Bicycle- will be open with free admission from 20 to 24. The Parco della Zizzola and the “Casa museo dei braidesi” will open instead starting from the 16 when the seasonal re-opening ceremony of the park and the exhibition site dedicated to the history of the city is scheduled.

Since 1 January 2016 the chemical called formaldehyde has been classified by the Euroopean Union in the 1B category, with indication of danger H 350, or potentially carcinogenic. Formaldehyde is found at room temperature in gaseous form and is a fundamental ingredient used in the production sector of plastic laminate, where it is used in aqueous solution and forms the basis of melamine resins (formaldehyde and melamine) and phenolic resins (phenol and formaldehyde) .

She was admitted to the Emergency Department of Bra, the driver of the Mini Cooper involved, with a Fiat Punto yesterday (Tuesday 7 May 2019) around the 14, in a car accident in via Piumati near the intersection with via Silvio Pellico . Instead, the young man at the helm of the Punto was discharged and the medical staff judged him curable in 10 days.

Scheduled at the civic library "Giovanni Arpino" in Bra, the latest 4 appointments by Nati to read 2018 / 2019: in the kids' room, 13 May 2019 at 17 on Monday, Clara Arnaldi (with a slight change from the program drawn up at the beginning of the school year ) "Paolino Salterino" law.