City Council in Bra, Tuesday 28 September 2004, which opened with a comment on the positive solution of the case of Simona Torretta and Simona Pari, the compatriots released yesterday in Iraq. At the start of the session, the Mayor Scimone stressed the importance of the news, expressing great satisfaction for the end of the dramatic seizure of the two girls who since September 7 were hostage in the Middle Eastern country. The city's largest assembly was then continued with the reading by the Chairman of the City Council Gian Massimo Vuerich of the questions put forward by various councilors.
The use of the tangenziale and the traffic light of Viale Madonna Fiori
Viability protagonists in the space reserved for queries. "I have contacted the chief compartment of Anas without delay," the Russian Councilor told the local councilors of the National Alliance and Together for Scimon, the authors of the question, "who reported that the tangenziale is an extra urban major road and that it can not be used by agricultural machinery for safety reasons. In order to allow the passage of these vehicles, a procedure is needed that would see the suburban suburban tangenziale. After an assessment with the chief compartment of Anas and the commander of the municipal police, I consider this procedure to be inappropriate for two reasons, the first because the downgrading provides a very cumbersome procedure, the second because the process for completing the tangential . We will take charge of the problem and try to solve it, evaluating alternative routes with the people concerned, "he concluded.
Another theme that was attended to by the Giunta was the work of modifying the traffic light of the junction between Madonna Fiori Avenue and Via Brizio, on which the competent Councilor, Roberto Russo, gave a written answer to the advisers Bonetto (Commitment to Bra) and Cravero (The City of All).
"The Junta wanted to look for the best solution to remedy the long queues at the traffic lights of Avenue Madonna Fiori. With the competent technical staff of the Municipal Technical Office and the Municipal Police Commander, after some inspections, it was decided to solve the problem by creating a third lanes in the entrance to Madonna Fiori Avenue and via Vittorio Emanuele. This will lead to a change in both horizontal and vertical signage, "said the Councilor, to whom the Adviser Bonetto (Commitment for Bra) echoed, pointing out that he had proposed this solution to previous administration already in January.
A clarification of the environmental chart
Environment Minister Lacertosa replied on the basis of a request from information provided by the Jona and Cravero councils (The City of All) concerning the establishment of the area for the environment, civil protection and territorial development. The Councilor pointed out to the advisers that "the competences of the municipality in environmental issues are complex and varied, and for this reason they invest in various aspects as well as administrative and managerial skills, within the framework of the municipal organigramme. At present, there is already an office, hygiene and health office in this organization chart, but it only deals with some of these aspects, mainly related to the hygiene and health aspects. Other aspects such as waste management, protection against noise pollution, air quality and electromagnetic pollution are handled by various other offices, depending on their respective administrative, urban, police administrative, supervisory, and so on ... and are headed by their respective executives. "
In answering the question, the Staff Councilor confirmed that it was considered the opportunity to structure the management of those skills, trying to concentrate as much as possible in a single organizational unit or in a number of related organizational units, with a staff of adequate staff. "This is a problem of not immediate or easy solution, as this need needs to be reconciled with the organizational, structural, logistical and staffing needs of all other offices and divisions, as well as budgetary availability" Assessor, stressing that "such a need can be given, if possible, a stable solution in the process of adapting the municipal organization to the three-year programming of staff needs".
Jona's counselor wanted to replicate by pointing out the dramatic nature of the pollution data in the city, given also by the position of Bra that is located in an area close to a hill that is facing the winds from the northeast that could wash the atmosphere: this explains why polluting factors are stagnating and, moreover, increasing smog contributes to a very intense automotive traffic. That's why he wanted to be honest about the real possibility of a prompt response to this delicate problem.
The Mayor answers the time of the hygiene office
The councilors of the Ds, Margherita, Bra, and Everyone's Committees have urged an urgent question on closure, all afternoons, of the hygiene office up to the 31.12.2004. The Mayor said that on the proposal of the director of the administrative division, the time of this service was temporarily and experimentally modified from October 1 to 31 December 2004, establishing that public access is all the morning in the morning from 9 to 12,30. With this new provision, in fact, from eleven to seventeen and a half hours, the opening timetable for the weekly public expands. At that time, the manager will evaluate the results and propose confirmation or further modification of the time based on the trial being carried out and the staff situation that will be available at that date.
Approve changes to the status of the company Geac spa
After the approval of two urban planning measures concerning the final projects of some recovery plans in via Molineri and via Vittorio Emanuele, which did not involve discussion, the City Council passed a number of amendments to the statutes of Geac, the management company 'Cuneo Levaldigi airport, with the favorable vote of the minority announced by Margherita Fogliato's parent company, who stressed, in view of a possible new capital increase, the necessity that the municipality of Bra may have at its disposal suitable documentation.
A solution agreed by Forza Italia's parent company, Adriano Maccagno, and Councilor Lacertosa pointing out: "The Municipality participates in this Geac company for the 0,08 per cent, is aware of any recapitalization and believes that it is the care of our institution to urge Geac to present a financial plan shortly to the City Council, while the vote in the resolution foresees that the statute will be adapted to the new corporate law reform. "
Stability Pact: Updating Programmatic Objectives 2004
In introducing the measure, Councilor Lacertosa explained to the assembly that with the 1998 Legislative Decree, the State extended the application of the commitments taken at Community level also to local authorities, with the aim of containing the deficit of the administrations and reduce the amount of public debt. From 1999, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities and Mountain Communities contribute to the achievement of the public finance goals that the country has adopted with the Stability and Growth Pact.
The Municipal Council at the beginning of the year approved the financial cash balance and expertise for the 2004 exercise, as a goal to respect the internal stability pact.
Based on the changes introduced by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the program objectives for compliance with the Internal Stability Pact for the 2004 year have to be re-determined in accordance with the 289 / 2002 Act and the City Council must take note of the 'effect of such changes on our budget. This resolution was voted by 19 Counselors and was approved with 19 favorable vows.
2004 Exercise Budget. Recognizing the state of implementation of the programs and approving the necessary measures to safeguard the balance of competence management
It was articulated by Mr Lacertosa's intervention, which defined in detail and in detail the document annexed to the deliberation, which provides a technical-accounting analysis of the whole process of budgetary balance and the state of implementation of the programs. "The financial breakdown did not show any greater financial needs, as the continuation of the coverage of the expected expenditure with the corresponding revenues was stressed," the Councilor pointed out in his report to the Council, confirming that "Bra Municipality is safeguarding the balance of financial management of the current financial year ".
She then pointed out Sibille (Ds) in her replica: "It's not a summary document of past administration, but a passage between past administration and the new one."
The measure was approved by the abstention of the minority.
Constitution of the Mortuary Police Commission and the establishment of communal commissions
After the definition of the Police Commission mortuary, the councilors were informed that they have sixty days to report the names of those who will be part of the communal commissions. (Va)