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++ Update - deadline for submitting questions: Thursday 16 April, 16 pm ++

From today, Wednesday 1 April 2020, requests for the delivery of "shopping vouchers" will begin in Bra, helping families who are most exposed to the economic effects of the COVID 19 emergency. The municipal administration has in fact defined, in implementation the latest government decree and the civil protection ordinance of 29 March, criteria and methods for awarding vouchers, also in relation to the amount destined for the city, equal to 157.223 euros.

The grants will be paid according to three bands:

  • 100 euros for households consisting of one person
  • 200 euros for groups of 2 to 3 people
  • 300 euros for families of more than 3 people.

Braidesi citizens who are in a condition of economic fragility caused by the Coronavirus emergency and not already in charge of the social welfare services can access the benefit. The shopping vouchers will be paid until the contribution assigned to the Municipality of Bra by the Civil Protection Department is exhausted.

The application form, available on the Municipality website at , must be completed and signed in original and sent via any email box, simple or certified, to the email box together with a copy of the applicant's identity document (or digitally signed).

With particular reference to the elderly population, in the event of objective impossibility of sending in one of the methods indicated, a telephone interview will be carried out which certifies the effective condition of vulnerability of the citizen who temporarily finds himself in the absence or limitation of economic income that allows him to respond to basic needs. In this case, the application will be made to sign upon delivery of the shopping voucher.

At the time of application, the applicant team must complete a self-certification attesting to the conditions of vulnerability, on which ex-post verifications will be conducted by the Administration and on a sample basis.

Persons already in charge of social welfare services, who are not already beneficiaries of citizenship income and whose economic conditions have worsened due to the epidemiological emergency, will be directly reported by social services, without having to submit an application.

The distribution has started in recent days and proceeds in chronological order. The vouchers will be delivered home by adequately identifiable staff from the Municipality of Bra, subject to prior telephone advance. The vouchers can be used in the city establishments that have been accredited: the list of points of sale will be delivered together with the shopping vouchers and published, starting from Wednesday morning, on the institutional website, where progressively updated with any new members.



For more information, contact the municipal services for people at 0172.438124 (from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12,45, Tuesday and Thursday also from 14 to 16,30) or by email by writing to



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