On the morning of Tuesday 19 March 2019 so many students from the Braid schools gathered in Piazza Falcone and Borsellino to participate in the 24 ° "Day of remembrance and commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafias", promoted by the "Libera" association.

Together with the mayor and several representatives of the council and the municipal council, law enforcement and city associations and the provincial referent of "Libera - Associations, names and numbers against the mafias", Valentina Sandroni, the boys read hundreds of names of people killed by mafia and criminal organizations throughout Italy. The event, which is renewed every year in the playground area dedicated to the judges Falcone and Borellino, aims to raise awareness among young people and all citizens of the culture of legality and to emphasize the commitment of those who daily fight organized crime .

Info: City of Bra - Peace Office
Tel. 0172.412283 - scuoladipacedibra@gmail.com