The "beautiful season" of the Teatro Politeama Boglione di Bra continues, which on Saturday 5 January 2019 inaugurates the new year in the company of Barbara De Rossi and Francesco Branchetti, protagonists of "The Diary of Adam and Eve", story of the meeting between the first man and the first woman admirably sketched by Mark Twain's pen.

The show, drawing on the myth of creation, tells how things went in the Garden of Eden in an ironic, humorous and romantic way, hypothesizing the origin of the attraction between the two sexes. The text is based on the story of the same name written in the early twentieth century by Mark Twain, in which the two voices alternate in a moving and cheerful way. Eve romantic, vain, talkative always interested in giving names to animals, plants and creation. A rude and easily irascible Adam, a solitary, unnerved by the constant presence of Eve, who follows him curiously, talking non-stop. But it is also very fascinated. Their meeting appears destined to disaster, when Eve eats the apple: the fall begins, they enter the world of death, of work, of knowledge; come the sons Cain and Abel, beings that Adam for a long time does not recognize as humans, but believes they are a new species of animals. The diaries follow each other until the two, despite the differences, realize that they love each other. Barbara De Rossi and Francesco Branchetti bring a brilliant interpretation to the stage, showing that they have a lot of fun with the irony of the great American writer.

The show starts at 21. The next appointment at the theater is Wednesday 16 January 2019, with the off-season musical "Kiss Me Kate". Tickets to 20 euro (18 i reduced), on sale Friday afternoon, from 15 to 19, at the box office of the theater in Piazza Carlo Alberto. The complete program of shows is on the website www. More information at the Cultural Tourism Office and events in the Municipality of Bra, in Piazza Caduti for 20 Freedom, or by calling the 0172.430185. (Em)

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