Sat's satisfaction with the closure of the story of the possible construction of a large biogas plant in the plain between the city of Zizzola and Cherasco. "With the location of the plant close to the sewage production sites to be used for biogas production, I believe the concerns and fears that have affected our city have been answered" - declared Mayor Bruna Sibille - "Our attitude is certainly not a closure towards a technology that allows the reuse of resources, but we have always been convinced that this must be accompanied by an environmental sustainability of the plants, with the first impact that must derive from the non-use of soil and production agriculture to implement wastewater and above all a location close to the production sites, which did not aggravate an already difficult situation along the provincial Bra-Cherasco, as also emerged from the study that our administration commissioned to the Polytechnic of Turin ". (Rg)