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The work of moving the Air Quality Arpa detection station in Bra, from Via Piumati to Viale Madonna flowers, is completed. In recent days, the technicians have physically transferred the detection devices between the two sites, the network connections required for the station life and the activation of the measuring instrument. A new metering unit in Via Piumati was also activated, just for the fine dust parameter, which will work in parallel with the one passed from Via Piumati to viale Madonna Fiori. This technical and scientific need to maintain the detection of pm10 in Via Piumati for a certain period is one of the items in the Arpa Piemonte Convention and Bra Council, which will collaborate in the management of surveys for the next three years (2011-2013) . Among the motivations that convinced the two bodies to look for a more suitable site at the station, which must be representative of vehicular traffic, the assessment that the city's traffic is not adequately described in Via Piumati because traffic measurements are influenced by industrial emissions. Deputy Mayor Marcello Luxusso declared: "This is a further step to have a precise picture and the situation of air quality in the city, which is a prerequisite for launching a series of actions aimed at improving the existing one. I would like to thank all those who, with speed and efficiency, have made it possible to complete this operation, which will allow us to have a further point of observation for continuous monitoring of how much we breathe in the city. " (Rg)