A little more than four hours lasted in Bra the city council session, convened by its president Gian Massimo Vuerich for the late afternoon yesterday, Tuesday 17 February 2009. At the opening was Mayor Camillo Scimone to take the floor, witnessing the proximity of the civic administration to the family involved in a dramatic robbery in the villa occurred in recent days in the village Bandito, in addition to remembering the need for a constant collaboration between citizens and institutions to guarantee security. The council then approved some relevant resolutions concerning urban planning. Among these, the approval of the technical document preliminary to the new regulatory plan, which introduces the evaluation of the environmental impacts of the decisions that will be taken with the new programming tool. Furthermore, the preliminary design of the plan for the production sites of Corso Monviso has been definitively approved, in addition to the regulation for the issuing of authorizations for the establishment of medium-sized sales structures and the approval of the area plan for the area for safeguarding the woods and fortresses of Roero. The municipality then joined the agreement signed between INPS and the City of Turin to anticipate part of the treatment due to Piedmontese workers in layoffs, in addition to joining, as a founding member, the non-profit association "Brain - Bra internet ", for the dissemination and knowledge of ICT technologies through free wireless networks. The motion, presented by minority groups, in support of the recent regional bill for the regulation of the opening hours of the shops is not approved. (Rg)