Roads made slippery from rain and snow, little attention to driving. These are the drawbacks noted in recent days in Bra by agents of the local municipal police station, intervening to detect some car crashes in the municipal territory. A collision saw three cars involved. In Borgo San Martino there were the Fiat Bravo driven by SL, twenty years old from Bra, the Mercedes C220 driven by AE, a twenty-year-old resident of Bra, and the Citroen Picasso run by AMC, a fifty year old Lebanese resident of Bra. The driver of the Bravo was taken to the emergency room of the Santo Spirito hospital where she was judged to be recoverable in a week. Immediately on the spot the police patrol of the Bra municipal police immediately arrived to carry out the surveys and ascertain the responsibilities. In Via GB Gandino the Peugeot 607 led by GO, fifty years old from Brau, clashed and the Opel Astra led by OM, a forty-year-old Albanian resident of Bra. The two drivers, fortunately unharmed, unable to agree, requested the intervention of a municipal police patrol at the operations center in via Moffa di Lisio. Finally, in Corso Garibaldi, instead, the Peugeot 106 led by NE, forty years old from Brescia, and the Iveco truck led by YK, a thirty year old Chinese born resident of Narzole, clashed. None of the involved reported injuries. The accident was detected by a municipal police patrol in the area. (source: Bra Municipal Police)