There will be discussion of the 2007 Budgeting Council of the Municipal Administration of Bra, during the City Council convened by its chairman, Gian Massimo Vuerich, on Tuesday 27 March 2007, at 15 30, in the halls of the "Giovanni Arpino" cultural multifunctional center of wide resistance. On the agenda all the resolutions that characterize the municipal financial maneuver for the current year, in addition to the establishment of new cemetery fees. The students of the fifth grade B and C students of Bra's "Edoardo Mosca" elementary school have also been present for a long time in a civic education project to get to know the institutions better. Here is the agenda of the work: 1.Comunications of the President and Mayor. 2.Installing new cemetary rates. 3.General regulation of tax and capital income. 4.Regulation for the application of the municipal surcharge to the Ipepef. 5.Modifications to the regulations for the application of the urban solid waste disposal tax, starting with 1.1.2007. 6.Modification regulations for the application of the occupancy fee for public spaces and public spaces, starting with 1.1.2007. 7.Component regulation for the application of advertising tax. 8.Modifies the regulation for the discipline of certain municipal property tax cases, starting with 1.1.2007. 9.Ici, aliquots and deductions for the year 2007. 10.Dl n. 55 / 1983, as converted into law n. 131 / 1983. qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the areas for interventions to the senses of the laws no. 167 / 1962, n. 865 / 1971 and n. 457 / 1978 to be released in 2007 year. 11.Legge regional n. 15 / 1989 and its modifications and additions (contributions to worship buildings). Approval of the Municipal Action Program for the 2007 Year. 12.Piano triennial of public works art. 13 dpr 554 / 99 e smi. Approval. 13.Approximation forecast for 2007 exercise, 2007 / 2009 multiannual forecast and programming report and budget. confirms the Charge of the President of the CC and the Municipal Councilors