An overwhelming Angela Finocchiaro, directed by Cristina Pezzoli, on the stage of the Politeama Theater of Bra on Friday 19 January 2007, at 21, with "Miss Universe", a show written by Walter Fontana, writer, screenwriter and television author. After the latest television and cinema experiences, culminating in the success of Cristina Comencini's "The Beast in the Heart", Angela Finocchiaro reaffirms her indisputable excellence with a high-level theatrical representation. The protagonist Laura, a woman unknowingly divided into two: she does not know her mind looks out of her, for years, watching her, checking her, criticizing her in every action. But then something else is happening to Laura, and the normal waiting in a doctor's studio turns into a surprising journey inside and outside. An adventure in which a woman has to face a sadistic grandmother for excessive goodness, a dermatologist who is not too clever and perhaps in love, obsessive hydraulics, an antennae who talks with God and other unexpected deities, to a disturbing account of herself. Tickets are pre-paid by the Tourist and Event Office and, for each single show, at the Theater Box from 18 to 20. The show will start at 21: a show that has begun will no longer be able to enter the hall. For further information, please contact the secretary of the Tourism and Manifestacy Office, at Via Moffa of Lisio 14, at the 0172.430185 telephone number. (Va)