Questions at City Hall in Bra to access the regional contribution for paying the rent, whose submission deadline expires at 12: 45 on Friday 29 September 2006. This is what is announced in the announcement announced these days in the city indicating in August 28 the date from which the applications for benefits granted to the owners of regularly registered lease contracts for the years 2004 and 2005 may be filed, which may be required for one of these or for the entire biennium. Contributions can also be made to the homeowners. In order to obtain the facilitation, you must apply for the application by following the directions of the distribution module at the Bra Councils' Office, at Barbacana 6 Street on the first floor. Among the requirements, some income margins are commensurate with the number of household members and the percentage of the rent, as is the contract, on the income itself. For example, those who have a non-18.515,32 Euro income with a family nucleus of no more than two people will be able to apply, and for whom the incidence of the rent is more than twenty-four percent. Excluded from the contribution of renters of certain cadastral categories (A1, A7, A8, A9, A10) and those who enjoy real rights on A3 real estate in the province of residence. More details and information to the Municipal Assistance Office, which can also be contacted by telephone at 0172.438336. (Rg)