The establishment of a consortium for the management of the inter-communal kennel, the problems associated with waste collection, the availability of premises in Pollenzo and the issues of the town's construction. These are the main topics addressed by the Bra Council, which met yesterday, Thursday 15 June 2006. To open the proceedings, the intervention of Mayor Camillo Scimone, who reminded her of her enthusiasm to invite the new Minister for Treasury for Community Policies, Mrs Emma Bonino, to the city and reported her participation in the organized hearing in Fossano from the Region on the new regional socio-sanitary plan. "At the meeting, during which the Regional Health Adviser was present, Mario Valpreda, and the President of the Fourth Board of the Council, Elio Rostagno, I appreciated the fact that a socio-sanitary plan was implemented and how this keep the integrity of our ASL "- said the first citizen -" However, I have pointed out the need for a rebalancing within the division of the three main healthcare companies, which does not penalize the Asl Alba-Bra "The leader of the left-wing Democrats, Claudio Gallizio, also spoke on the same subject, who recalled the need for a discussion of these issues at the Conference of Leaders, also because" instead of having an asphyxiated asylum and not allowing the taking the Verduno Hospital, perhaps it would be better to have a single ASA, as the largest number of private facilities are concentrated on our healthcare business. discuss it at the Leaders' Conference, perhaps in the presence of the General Directorate of ASL 18, "receiving the assurance from the chairman of the municipal council, Gian Massimo Vuerich (Forza Italia), for a forthcoming summit. Yes to the consortium for the kennel. Discussion on the formation of a consortium that replaces the Ca.In. Association for the management of the Pollenzo municipal inter-municipality kennel. As Deputy Mayor Giovanni Comoglio has said, the transformation of the associative form is linked to the greater possibility of access to regional contributions and for better management of the structure that does not weight, as is the case with the form of the convention, the budget of the only head of the municipality . To take the word, also adviser Giuseppe Canalis (Project Bra), in his capacity as chairman of the Ca. In Association Council of Auditors and a delegate adviser on issues related to the animal of affection. "The optimal associative form chosen at constitution is no longer today. Juridically, the association is nothing more than an operating arm, a function, a service of the Lead Commune, in our case Bra, since it does not have a stand-alone budget, as all management charges fall within a just a chapter of the most comprehensive municipal budget, "said Canalis, adding:" Analogous speech in terms of personnel and actions, which in fact make association only part of a larger structure: optimal situation when it comes to managing ten boxes a sanitary kennel for about twenty municipalities, difficult in the current situation with the support of the promotion area of ​​trusting a doubled kennel and a service extending to forty-six Municipalities. " Perplexity was raised by the National Alliance's leader, Pier Giorgio Pirra. "Why did an animalist association, the Lida, and not others in the city have been chosen to work with Ca. In. There are other priorities for Bra, and here is an entity where the voices for administration are leavening. If you are talking about animal affection, affection requires a "volunteer" and not a paid board of management, "Pirra said. I disagree with United's parent for Bra, Giuseppe Rosciano, according to whom "it is incorrect to talk about other priorities. Here is a problem, that of canine dating, and we need to give you a solution ", as the leader of Forza Italia, Adriano Maccagno:" It has been positive for the experience here done, as well as the constitution of the consortium because it extracts the activity accounting officer from the municipal budget ". "We are not sure that the consortium is the best form to handle the kennel," said Margherita's parent, Giovanni Fogliato, who added: "From the business plan we have been presented, we can not understand, even if we can not speak waste of money because we are already spending them. The minority will abstain. " The measure was approved with the votes of Project Bra, Forza Italia, Together for Scimon and United for Bra. Town halls in Pollenzo: who can use them? Two questions from minority groups concerned the use of public places in Pollenzo. Counselor Pio Giverso (Margherita) complained about the need to pay a hundred euros to use the meeting room salon managed by the Fractional Committee. "For the use of the party salon, the Fractional Committee has adopted a regulation for its use, similar to those adopted by the City Council for the use of the Arpino Center," said Finance Advisor Claudio Lacertosa. Adding: "The amount spent is for routine maintenance costs, utilities and other duties incurred by the Committee. It is free to give it free of charge to associations that demonstrate non-profit making. The rent of the premises is not in contravention of the contract of use and the Committee has acted in full respect of municipal statutory rules and in accordance with the regulations for the use of municipal property. " At the same time it is challenged by the decision of the Board to assign the new documentation center, which will be realized inside the Madonnina church, to the local tourism company La Torre. According to the leader of the leftist Democrats, Claudio Gallizio, "there are other socio-cultural associations in Pollenzo, such as the association" Il Ponte "who wrote a letter to us, who made a formal request to the Commune without receiving any response. Let's make the Church of the Madonna enjoyable by all the associations. " These objections were answered by the Mayor, Camillo Scimone, recalling how the municipality needs ("as is the case for the management of sports facilities") of a single interlocutor but with a "use regulated by a special regulation that will be approved by the Municipality of Bra . The request of the "Il ponte" association is not in conformity with the concession in the use of local municipalities because it must first deposit its statute and the last act of renewal of the social offices, acts which have never arrived. " Organic yes, organic no. Asked by a question from the group "The City of All" and by Claudio Gallizio (Ds), the Environment Commissioner, Giovanni Marco Gallo, came back to talk about the possible extension of the collection of the organic fraction of waste to the entire city . "The extension of the service has been evaluated by the Contracted Services and Environment, which have been brought together in the presence of the President of the Treasury Waste Management Company, Mario Bertolusso," said Gallo. "The Basin Consortium believes that the collection of the organic fraction presents some problems, including inefficient harvesting and poor product re-usability. We have to take into account the existence of a preselector at Sommariva Bosco, the sector law, the decisions of the optimal territorial area and the basin consortium. This is, however, in the face of a differentiated collection that Bra works and which has allowed, since 2004, to reach the minimum collection rate provided by national regulations. " Of different notice Eugenio Jona (The City of All), according to which "with the entry into operation of the preselect, it will separate the moist from the dry but with the disadvantage of having a damp polluted and a dry part that still has to undergo drying process. Let's see what can be done to use the preselector so it's more functional than the door-to-door collection. " The same counselor, Jona, had asked what the municipality was going to do to meet the region's willingness to address the issue of air quality. "I wrote to the Regional Assessor of the Environment De Ruggiero on how to explore the possibilities of an agreement to reduce air pollution in the city, also in the light of planning acts already adopted by the municipal administration," said Gallo, Jona (The City of All) has replied that there is a need to seek collaboration for "more aggressive action on the polluting dust problem. This resignation can not be overtaken. It would be an opportune one to adopt, as Cuneo is doing, an energy plan, using also the extensive database in the Province's and Arpa's availability. " The antennas regulation has been approved. With the abstention of minority groups, the new municipal regulation on the location of radio-electric equipment was approved. The measure, which follows the indications of the decision of the Regional Council of September 2005, identifies different types of urban areas regarding the installation of the plants: sensitive areas, where the installation is banned, and the various conditional installation areas, where the plants are allowed due to their power. According to counselor Pio Giverso (Margherita) on "sensitive areas there is hypocrisy. Even a sixty-storey building can not be considered the son of a lesser God. It would be advisable to suspend the approval of the resolution, also because the Gasparri law regulating the sector will be quickly changed by the new government. " I do not agree with Marcello Lusso (Bra Project, chairman of the Environment Commission), who recalled the need to distinguish well between "cellular and radio broadcast antennas. The regulation has paid attention to cultural and historical sites. " The Environment Adviser Giovanni Marco Gallo has pointed out, however, that Bra has five detection points, with data available on the Internet: "This is a more than optimal situation," he added. Doubt by the parent company Ds Gallizio, according to which "the most effective tool would be to encourage managers to move to an area rather than to another, rather than with this regulation." Motivations were not shared by the chairman of the City Council, Gian Massimo Vuerich (Forza Italia), saying that "it is better to have this kind of regulation than anything". A new pedestrian crossing between via Moro and via San Rocco. With the approval of the preliminary project of a recovery plan for the construction of a stable in the area between Via San Rocco and Via Aldo Moro, you can get a pedestrian link between the two streets. This is the result of a mediation carried out in Urban Planning Commission and accepted by the proposers. According to the parent company of the Ds Claudio Gallizio, the original project envisaged the construction of a five-story building, "now there has been a lesser impact with a positive result due to the possibility of obtaining new parking spaces." More and more parking spaces, after the discussion in Urban Planning Commission, will be made in the adjoining area of ​​sports facilities via Fratelli Rosselli, in the framework of a detailed plan which, as noted by Deputy Mayor Giovanni Comoglio, has obtained "the unanimity of consents in Urban Planning Commission. " Always in building material, the final project of the building recovery plan at the corner between Via Craveri and via Provvidenza was approved, one year after the preliminary draft was adopted. The three resolutions have been unanimously approved. The City Council has completed its work after six hours. (Rg)