The visit of the bearded representative present these days to Argentina takes place in order to take care of the preliminary phase of the journey which will have to take place in a twin town between Bra and Corral de Bustos, a town in the province of Cordoba. Yesterday, on Thursday 23 March 2006, a meeting was held between the representatives of the Municipalities of Bra and Corral de Bustos and the Vice-Consul Giorgio Giacomello, accredited at the Italian Consulate General of Cordoba. The delegations, led by Intruder Gustavo Miguel Torre and Councilor Valter Bergesio, were able to deepen, with a friendly and friendly interview with the Italian diplomat, the aspects that need to be assessed and deepened by the municipal authorities as they prepare to tighten Twinning ties. "Involvement of young people from both communities with a view to giving them a profound understanding of the realities of the two countries involved," said the vice-consul "in a special way, young Italians living in this country do not have a profound knowledge of country of their families, emigrated for at least three generations in Argentina. With projects of intercourse between the educational realities of both countries, these guys will appreciate the fascination of rediscovery of their roots. But a twinning relationship does not only imply a cultural exchange. Much of the positive can be achieved, for example, by involving small and medium-sized businesses, which in Italy represented a strong reality. " "In Corral de Bustos, a third of the citizens are of Piedmont origin," said Councilor Bergesio, "and many of them express themselves in our dialect that makes them feel close to a country that they love a lot. We will be treasuring the instructions of the vice-consul Giacomello because we are firmly convinced that this twinning project will greatly appreciate Italian traditions and will draw particular attention to Piedmont culture. The past of our emigrants, the starting point for building this twinning, gives us the ideal motivation to proceed in this initiative. " (Va)