Three encounters with Bra to be more attentive and aware parents. This is what will be proposed by the third edition of the "Parent Project", carried out by the City of Bra, the Second Educational Circle and the Intesa Consortium, which this year will be part of a cycle of conferences at the Polytechnic Center cultural "Giovanni Arpino" of great resistance. The title of the initiative is "Good to play with your children to grow together" and is specifically addressed to parents, teachers, grandparents, or carers of children from three to ten years old. The first appointment is scheduled for Friday 10 March at 21 in the framework of the initiatives of the Peace School, with the intervention of Dr. Daniele Novara, director of the psycho-pedagogic center for peace and conflict management in Piacenza, on an evening titled Bullismo and Bullismo. Second intervention, Friday 21 March (beginning 20: 45) with the meeting titled "Rules, Autonomy and Values ​​for Today's Children" to which Dr. Ezio Aceti, a psycho-pedagogical consultant of the City of Milan and Director of the Erba Family Consultory. The last moment of the initiative is scheduled on Tuesday 4 April 2006 (start at 20: 45) with "Lunch served! What do we put on the table? " Answers to parents' questions will be Dr Anna Bracone, pediatrician, and Professor Pino Pellegrino, a psychopedagogist. To allow those interested to attend the meetings, at the same time as the conference cycle, children's reading workshops will be set up at the premises of the Children's Hall of the Civic Library to attend the 0172.413375 phone number in advance. (Rg)