A fascinating fresco in the world of dance, the story of "The Wonderful Mandarin", Bela Bartok's ballet on stage, Sunday 5 March at 17, at Politeama Theater in Bra. Set in the first and second decades of the 900, with the fusion of stage action and video images, the story of Mandarin is a photograph of metropolitan degradation, violence and isolation. The plot is set in a den of malvivents, where three wicked individuals force a girl to admit visitors to depredate them. The first victim is an old man, squatted, that the three thieves cast out badly; the second unfortunate is a young, shy, which the girl welcomes lovingly, but who is immediately removed from the three. The third is the Mandarin. Her appearance frightens and strikes the girl, but soon comes a feeling of love between the two. The malevivants try to rob him, but the Mandarin rejects all attacks and revives several times, rediscovering the good of life and love that will avoid the troubles of existence and death. "The Wonderful Mandarin", rich in choreography by Susanna Egri and scenes by Emanuele Luzzati, is the first show that Civitas Politeama devotes to ballet in the current season. As part of the bill of non-subscription shows, however, an evening had a change of date for organizational issues. The Margareta Garpe's "Julia" screening, scheduled for Thursday 9 in February, was sliced ​​to the 21 on Tuesday 28 in February. For both shows, ticket sales are handled by the Tourism and Event Office and, the same evening, at the Theater Box Office from the 20. The entrance to the "A Julia" show is free of charge to subscribers. (Va)