Two cars seized. This is the budget of a series of road traffic controls in the past few days by the Municipal Police of Bra to prevent and repress the most serious violations of the Road Code, particularly for vehicles that run without insurance. The cars seized are respectively a Fiat One and a Lancia K. For both, the administrative sequestration and also their respective owners will have to pay a € 716,00 record. In addition, as a result of controls in the restricted traffic area of ​​Via Vittorio Emanuele, there were about two hundred minutes for a stop forbidden, drawn up by the city guards in the restricted traffic area of ​​via Vittorio Emanuele, between Audisio and via Rambaudi, in vigor every Saturday night from 20 to 24 and on Sundays and holidays from 14 to 24. Other verbs were drafted for motorists who, ignoring the signposts, went through the same hours at the same time, stopping in the checks carried out by the Municipal Police patrols to allow pedestrians to enjoy a central area of ​​the city where to walk in peace. Much of the minutes written for stopping or transit in the ZTL take place on Saturday night while Sunday is sporadic the verbal controversy. The controls will be further intensified in the coming months due to the greater presence of pedestrians and the next Sunday opening of the stores scheduled for December. (Bra Municipal Police Command)