Miriam Borglia's music therapist will conclude, in four interesting evenings, the parenting support course organized by Bra's Aceilo. The appointments, to be held on Tuesdays 3, 11 and 24 on May and Thursday 19 May 2005 from 20: 30 on the premises of Via Caduti del Lavoro, will have the purpose of deepening the knowledge of the Guerra-Lisi method on the "globality of languages" is a way of understanding communication in all its forms. The developmental phases of prenatal life, which with its universal archetypes and individual imprinting, leave deep and inconceivable traces throughout human life, emerge with particular emphasis on the artistic expressions and behaviors of each individual. In toddlers these memories are very alive and their behaviors reflect the experience they have just experienced. This proposal is intended to offer parents an opportunity to discover the indelible traces left by the birth experience in their own and in their children's behavior.
The series of meetings is particularly suitable for pregnant women, so we are happy to extend the invitation to future mothers and future dads. For teachers, at the end of the meetings, a certificate of attendance will be issued, while a tip for everyone is a comfortable attire as practical exercises will be carried out. For more information, you can contact the Nestor's Secretariat at 0172.412062 Telephone Number. (Rg)