The free collection and disposal service for agricultural tarpaulins and containers for pesticides is also available in the Municipality of Bra. To take advantage of the collection, operated by the Consorzio Albese and Braidese, waste services, it is necessary to book by 27 in May 2019 on the website of CO.ABSE.R. (, through the appropriate request form.

The sheets will be removed only if they are cleaned and folded for the maximum quantity of one cubic meter; the containers for pesticides ready for collection must instead be exclusively in plastic, properly rinsed, placed in transparent bags with a label showing the company name and the VAT number of the company concerned, up to a maximum of 550 liters (5 bags of about 110 liters each).

More information on or at the Ecosportello Rifiuti Braidese, open every morning from Monday to Saturday (8: 30 - 12: 30), Tuesday (13: 30 - 17) and Thursday (15 - 18: 30) afternoon. The service can be reached on the 0172.201054 number or by mail to (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Waste Ecosportello
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