Monitoring of olfactory harassment in the town of Bra will start in the coming weeks. The analysis, which requires the voluntary collaboration of 30 inhabitants residing in the areas defined by the public notice, has been defined - as required by the regional provisions - in a comparison table attended by the Municipality of Bra, the Harp Piedmont and the Asl Cn2, following reports of unpleasant odors, generically definable "chemical type", in some areas of the center.

Those wishing to take part in the monitoring, which will last about three months, can send the application form compiled to the Environment Office of the Municipality of Bra no later than 28 September 2018, writing to the e-mail address or through one of the other institutional communication channels (certified mail, 0172 44333 fax, delivery by letter or by hand at the Protocol Office, Piazza Caduti per la Libertà 14). The "noses" selected must not be owners or employees of production activities, possibly sources of olfactory harassment and must be resident in the town of Bra, in particular within the areas defined in the comparison table. The public notice and the application form are published in the "Environment" section of the website More information by contacting the Environment Office of the City of Bra at 0172.438210. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Office Environment

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