The question of the road driveways of the Orti road was considered not in accordance with the ANAS was addressed at the opening of the municipal council of Bra gathered Wednesday 12 September 2018, in the hall "Achille Carando" at Palazzo civico.

Opposition counselors Sergio Panero and Davide Tripodi (Bra Tomorrow) have submitted an urgent question to inform the junta that some residents of the 231 section of state highway have been sent in recent days new letters from Anas who regularize the situation of the driveways within ten days, otherwise the accesses will be closed. "We are aware of this - replied Mayor Bruna Sibille retracing the story that also affects some neighboring municipalities -. Also in this case we will immediately act to obtain, as previously happened, a revocation of the provision communicated by Anas to the residents waiting to define the whole issue ". Tripodi advised: "I reiterate that any imposition by Anas is unacceptable until the Asti-Cuneo is completed, whose interrupted route has very heavy repercussions on the road network of the 231 state road in our territory".

Subsequently, the councilors examined and discussed a motion proposal signed by the Councilor of the Five Star Movement Claudio Allasia on the "promotion and incentive of parking spaces for bicycles in the city". The document commits the junta to enhancing the parking spaces reserved for bicycles, also in collaboration with private individuals (eg traders, professionals), identifying any forms of incentive for the installation of racks and bike stalls.
"The competent commissions for public works and roads - explained Allasia - could work on a regulation in this ambitio, verifying where there are deficiencies and potentials in parking spaces for bicycles, so as to be prepared for collaborations with private individuals who intend to realize . In this context, also in the context of the Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility, a campaign to promote the use of the bicycle as a means of daily transport for journeys in the city center would be useful ".
While sharing the "spirit" of the motion in favor of sustainable mobility, the councilor Roberto Marengo (Somaglia per Bra) invited the proponent to withdraw it by postponing a more in-depth and specific discussion to the commissions. Even the minority leader Massimo Somaglia (Forza Italia) recalled that "the instrument of motions is that of an act of political direction that can not go down into specific details. Of course it is a choice of political direction to direct mobility towards a coexistence of cars and bicycles, but the discussion should be done in terms of programming ". The councilor Abderrahmane Amajou (Bra city to live), fully sharing the intentions of the motion, recalled how "it is necessary to invest to guarantee safe cycling routes in the streets of the urban center and also in the connections with the suburbs".
The councilor Mariella Ambrogio (With Sibille for Bra) illustrated the proposed amendment, accepted in the text that was then approved, which streamlined the original text referring to the competent commissions the identification of rules, but also incentives and guidelines, for expand parking spaces for bicycles. "We remember - said Ambrogio - that the city of Bra has joined the Charter of Milan (on the subject of environmental sustainability, ed) and that each school complex will be equipped with bike racks".

The last part of the meeting was dedicated to the discussion of the only item on the agenda: a simplified variant to the general regulatory plan in force on the proposal of the "Global Piumatti Service and Financial" production activity for the construction of a covered shed and partly buffered, destined to house, on an area of ​​1600 square meters, some vehicles used by the company Bra Servizi at the Corso Monviso headquarters. The intervention, which also includes the construction of a green area and a public parking, was illustrated by the mayor Bruna Sibille who has the delegation to urban planning: "We believe it is important, in this as in other cases we are examining in this period, proceed swiftly with all the steps required and the appropriate checks to carry out the projects concerning the productive activities of our city ". The majority adviser Pietro Ferrero (Con Sibille per Bra) has highlighted the public interest of the operation that identifies new public parking spaces while the councilor Sergio Panero has underlined how "the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof is a further positive element of the intervention".
Critical, however, the director of the Five Star Movement Claudio Allasia who has challenged as "the study that drafted the variant for the Municipality is the same who is the designer of the intervention on behalf of the proposing company". On this point the mayor Bruna Sibille firmly replied: "This is not true. The Municipality has not entrusted any task outside for the drafting of any variant: it is the same proponent, the company Bra Services in this case, which has entrusted to a professional of his confidence to draw up the proposed variant that then the our offices have implemented and examined ". Allasia then expressed other perplexities about the sizing of a tank for the collection of rainwater, on the possibility of closing the public parking in certain circumstances and on the failure to implement some observations by Arpa Piemonte. The mayor also replied: "The variant is part of a general regulatory plan that has already implemented the indications of ARPA and passed the Environmental Assessment procedures. As for parking, however, for security reasons or in specific cases it is appropriate to provide a possibility of closure that the company is required to agree with the City ". The variant was approved by a majority, with Allasia voting against and abstention by Amajou. The full video of the council session is published on the Youtube channel of the Municipality of Bra ( (it's at)

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