The new ways of collecting waste have started in Bra, making it possible to obtain encouraging results in the first week of work. Almost all the 13.695 users Tari have now withdrawn the necessary kit for the collection at the eco-center in Piazza Caduti for freedom. The overwhelming majority of them have used it correctly since the first collection with the new methods. The anomalies recorded, in fact, turned out to be less than a thousand, with a careful work of information and awareness made by all the operators involved in the process: from the municipality to the basin consortium up to the service provider, through monitored anomaly alerts from environmental auxiliaries.

Positive data if we take into account that the anomaly identifies a single non-compliant bag, while the same user may have conferred more than one. Moreover, condominiums may have accumulated undifferentiated in the bins in the week before the introduction of the new calendar, to which also add some misunderstanding in the collection due to the snowfall in early February.

Just information, sensitization and accompaniment, they want to be the key words to be carried out in synergy with the citizens. Lots of contacts at the eco-branch, for which the telephone contact service is being strengthened. Lots of questions on how to properly differentiate waste, testifying the will and collaboration of citizens to further improve a service that, in recent years, has allowed Bra to stand out as one of the reference centers in the local area, for an attention which already allows a differentiation of approximately 70% of the collected waste and whose modalities for the new collection system do not change.
"This is a good start - commented the Mayor Bruna Sibille and the Environment Councilor Sara Cravero -, although the ultimate goal of the new system is still the reduction of the amount produced of undifferentiated waste, an element able to guarantee a double benefit both in environmental terms and to reduce the tax on waste ". The citizens' collaboration will continue to be necessary to comply with what is indicated in the information materials delivered together with the collection kits, which contain the calendars with the areas and days of the service, as well as a vademecum on how to differentiate waste. Those who have not yet done so, however, can still collect the kits at the Ecole of Piazza Caduti for freedom, open every morning from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30, in addition to Tuesday afternoons (13.30 - 17) and Thursday ( 15 - 18.30). The Ecosportello can be reached by telephone at 0172.201054 or by e-mail at: For more information you can consult the websites, and as well as the App Municipium, where you can also make geolocalized reports about the service or any drop-outs.

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