Bra parenting activities at Bra started in 2003 using the funding of L. 285 / 97, with the aim of offering families a space in which to confront the worst emotions and re-elaborate them in a different way to try to propose a an alternative point of view to address some issues. In this regard, evening meetings and discussion groups were held with experts in the field of education.

Following the meetings with the experts, true services were joined together:
The different types of complementary or complementary services to the traditional nest and the different ways of using the services as well as meeting the demands of the households comply with what the Piedmont Region has implemented in implementation of art. 1, paragraph 1252 of L. 296 / 2006, concerning the discipline of the Family Policy Fund.

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Integrated system of services for Early childhood - Initiatives

Ancoranido: a complementary service for children who are already users of the Nido and Micronidi, resigned in July to reach age limits, pending inclusion in the Infant School.

Moments of meeting with families: Of crucial importance is the nest-family relationship, the child's education takes place in multiple places, none of which is exclusive. Throughout the year creative workshops are organized for the construction of objects and game materials and parties on special occasions such as the chestnut tree, carried out with the collaboration of the Alpine Braids Association, Christmas, Carnival, year-end initiatives.

Reception and information desk for parents: The Doorman is held monthly at the Nursery School with the presence of a psychologist at the disposal of families to offer suggestions, advice, advice, guidance, and organize small discussion groups on issues of parenting and early childhood.

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