Service type


rates and access modes

Municipal Nursery

V. Work Fall 3

tel. 0172-412062


welcomes n. 70 children from 3 months to three years


v. Sen. Sartori 7 / B

tel. 0172-426070

(in partnership with ASL CN2)

welcomes 24 children from 12 to 36 months

Micronido 2

v. Vittorio Emanuele II n. 200

tel. 0172-1945878

welcomes 24 children from 12 to 36 months

Micronids are entrusted in external management to a Social Cooperative

The kindergarten and the Micronids are set up as services for the purpose of socialization, education and support for the growth and formation of the personal identity of children and girls, within the framework of an integrated policy for the protection and promotion of children's rights, Harmonization of work and care times, in response to the needs of the family.

Schedule :

1 ° hour band 7,30 -13,00

2 ° hour band 7,30 -16,30

3 ° 7,30-18,15 Hour Band

4 ^ 12,30-18,15 Hour Band

Natural or trusted families contribute to cover the costs of running the service by paying a mandatory monthly contribution fee. The rates and facilities will be determined annually by the Municipal Council in accordance with the provisions of the DL 109 / 98 ("Definitions of unified criteria for the assessment of the economic situation of persons requiring social benefits under Article 59, paragraph 51, of the 27 December 1997 law, 449 ") and its modifications and additions.

For the 2012-2013 school year with deliberation n. 192 of 31 / 07 / 2012 the Municipal Council in addition to the criteria and frequency of educational services has set the monthly contributions for contributions:

  • maximum straight line € 474.00 for full time attendance
  • minimum straight € 200,00 for full time attendance
  • reduced order € 60,00

In order to access Nido and Micronido services, you must subscribe to the application form and submit it to the Nursery Office in V. Work Fall 3

from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 16.30.

Play and listening center for children and families "Noah's Ark"

Service "Noah's Ark"Is set up as a space available to children in 0-3 and accompanying children (parents, grandparents, baby sitter). THE'"Noah's Ark"Is a place where families find support through sharing experiences and comparing educational practices where they can experience a new space-time compared to home-time space, experiencing child attitudes and relationships with him.

During the 2012-2013 school year,Noah's Ark" It will take place :

on Tuesday e Wednesday from 16,30 to 18,30, at the Municipal Nursery School V. Work falls no. 3, for children aged between 6 and 24 months

every Thursday from 16,30 to 18,30, at the Micronus of V. Vittorio Emanuele 200, for children aged between 24 and 36 months.

In order to participate in the meetings it is essential to book by calling the Nursery Office at no. tel. 0172-412062 or the Micronus at 0172-1945878 and buy at the Bureau of Economics of the Municipality of Bra in Cad. Libertà 14, ticket for entries:

€ 3. To access the service, you must purchase a minimum of 5 inputs from the Bureau


Micronus of v. Vittorio Emanuele 200

tel. 0172-1945878

"Giocanido", is aimed at children of the age of 24-36 months who regularly attend "The Ark of Noah". The "Giocanido" allows the reception of children without the presence of family and parental figures, as custody will be guaranteed by the educational staff in service. Each user will be able to use the service from Tuesday to Friday for no more than 10 days per month from 8,30 hours to 12.30

For access to the services, you must buy at the Bureau of Economics of the Municipality of Bra in Cad. Libertà 14, entrance tickets:

Playing no. 1 entry at cost of € 18,00, including meal

Parents' support meetings

at 20.30 hours at the

Polyphonic Center "Giovanni Arpino"

Conference Room - Via Guala 45 - Bra

free entry

The incoThey are aimed at families and want to be opportunities for exchanging and discussing issues related to the education, care, and growth of their children to build a family culture attentive to the transformations of today's society, to develop relationships of trust with other people, to reflect on different educational models possible


Tuesday 12 February 2013 :


Friday March 1 2013 Hours 20,30

"APPUNITS AND ROTONDETS" Between agreements and disagreements

theatrical performance of the Company Magog of Alba

... a beautiful fairy tale to open to the 3 welcome to 99 years

Wednesday 27 February 2013:


Thursday March 14 2013 :


Friday March 15 2013

"Specific Learning Disorders: What Prospects?"

1,2,3 nido € 5,00 per hour, You can access the service by purchasing a minimum of 5 hours at the Bureau