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The issues of Bra air quality brought to the attention of the Region. The Environment Assessors, Giovanni Marco Gallo, and Viabilità, Roberto Russo, of the Giunta Scimone were received yesterday, on Tuesday 18 July 2006, in Turin by the Assessor of the Environment of the Piedmont Region, Nicola De Ruggiero. During the meeting, which also included Regional Councilor Bruna Sibille and Regional Councilor Franco Guida, the administrators of the city of Zizzola illustrated the initiatives already implemented and those to be taken shortly to improve air quality in city.

Bra's Rotary Club, on its thirtieth anniversary since its foundation, intends to honor the memory of the fallen braids with the restoration of the bronze monument erected in the early 1920s in the public garden of Piazza Roma. The initiative will be completed in cooperation with the Bra Municipality and thanks to the contribution of the Cooperative Bank of Cherasco, the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation and the Rotary members holding the company.

Following specific requests by some citizens, a Bra Patrol police patrol has intervened in recent days in a street adjacent to the center. There was an abusive construction site for the maintenance of a condominium without requiring the required legal permits. The patrol, after identifying the construction site, has challenged the violation of the Road Code involving the 716 euro penalty, in addition to the obligation to remove the yard until the authorization is granted.

As of today, Friday 14 July 2006, the new rules concerning the movement of mopeds and passenger transport will come into force. In fact from today it will be possible to carry any passengers on 50 cc cubic mopeds. provided that the following conditions are met: - the driver must be of age and holding the driver's license or driving license certificate (patent); - the moped must be approved by the manufacturer for the carriage of passengers; - the moped must be fitted with the new license plate and the new movement certificate currently being distributed to the Motorizzazioni provincial Provincial Offices or at any Car Practice Agency.

It will be the Municipal Public Works Department's engineers to design the implementation of some sheds between Gorizia and Cesma Street in Bra. The Ediliza municipal public sector engineers will have to implement three new buildings, intended to accommodate the municipal warehouse, the new central school dining room and a third building that will house the gas concession offices.