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The tradition continues in Bra that sees the first citizen give a text to the students of the last year of high school, every Christmas, as a hope for a positive new year during which the young will have to take the final exam. The choice this year has fallen on "At the table of Giovanni Arpino", the volume of Cetta Berardo proposing a journey through the works of the great writer of Braidese origin, in search of the atmospheres and flavors of Bra and Langhe that Arpino has known in the course of his life.

Environmental education is essential for creating a sense of belonging and defense of public land and for some years it has been entrusted to local laboratories. The Braidese reference laboratory is based at the Civic Museum Craveri and offers a wide range of educational offers in defense of the environment. Also for the 2007, thanks to the contributions of the Piedmont Region, within the INFEA design, it will guarantee six different routes.

Sunday 16 December, at the 21, the auditorium of the Savings Bank of Bra (via Principi di Piemonte 12) will host the presentation of the "History of Bra. From its origins to the French Revolution ", a two-volume work in which the first centuries of city life are described in a capillary way. The realization - from its design to printing, through the research and study of documents - required about two years of work, coordinated by the curator, prof. Francesco Panero, braidese, professor of medieval history at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and vice-presidents of the same Faculty.

The meetings were held in Bra to implement the "Oltre" project. The initiative, carried out by the Municipality of Bra, is part of the "Zone Plans" forecasts promoted by the Intesa social welfare consortium and is part of the table of disability and social integration. Representatives of the school world, of the productive categories as well as numerous professionals and administrators of condomino participated in meetings and informational tables to raise awareness on the problem of access and architectural barriers.

The Aspromiele Producers Association inaugurated in Bra at the Hotel I Cavalieri the new Section "Amellier, the friends of honey". Expert tasters from all over Italy, from Trentino to Campania, Tuscany, Emilia, etc., but also from Switzerland and Morocco, have come together to taste Italian honey and some honeys of the world together and especially to design a group in a group new to promote honey, the quality product of our bees. Promotion must above all be based on the ability to recognize quality, then produce it and then present it correctly to the consumer.